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How do you feel about how much you charge for your gigs?

For my best selling gig I charge way under my country’s national minimum wage per hour, and Ive noticed many others do too. I personally don’t mind as I don’t see fiverr being my main source of income, and the NMW for my country I’m sure is significantly higher than those of other countries and I want to stay fairly competitive and all that. In other countries the dollar is worth a lot more, so they can charge less.

How about you? And how would you feel if fiverr became a cryptocurrency based economy???

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I have no interest in Fiverr becoming a Cryptocurrency based economy (and with the volatility CC is currently going through, I very much doubt many companies will be embracing it any time soon). But, I am happy with what I charge - I did a “Time and Motion” study of all the work I completed in 2017 - how long it took, number of words completed, type of work, topic and niche, etc. Following that, I was able to come up with a price per gig which means I am well-compensated for my services. It all depends on how you position yourself - trying to compete on price on Fiverr is just a race to the bottom (there will always be someone cheaper.)

Instead, look at what else can set your servcies apart - quality, experience, insight, or something else, and make it worthwhile for the buyer to choose you.


Thanks for your input!

I think it would be massively off putting to a lot of people. I still don’t really understand it, but give it a few years and I think I’ll have the same attitudes to it as normal currency. Maybe in a few years time fiverr will have the option to pay in both? And sellers can decide whether they want to opt in or not.

I’m glad you’re doing good! I think thats the most important part of creating a gig as well, really trying to look for something a little more original.

Fiverr used to have the option to pay in Bitcoin but dropped it due to lack of interest. This may be going offtopic, but the main issue with CC at the moment is that people are not actually spending it. Instead, they are buying and holding it in the hope of making money on a speculative gamble (and often end up losing their shirt because of it.)

It needs to become a stable asset class with little volatility before big businesses will take it seriously and people use it as anything other than a novelty way to buy or sell something.

A major part of my business on Fiverr has been writing white papers for ICOs and cryptocurrencies, so I have done a fair amount of research - there are a lot of scams and very damaged confidence in the CC marketplace right now, I suspect it will need 5-10 years to settle down and shake out the bad actors, as well as get some sensible regulations in place, before it is taken more seriously.

This is exactly the reason that although I write about ICOs, I never invest in CC.

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Novelty is good word to describe my attitudes towards bitcoin / CC! I didn’t know that bitcoin was an option here at a time, must’ve been while I was away.

Thanks for your insight, although I don’t understand it now I’m looking forward to where it will go! Do you think it could collapse?

I think that very much depends on how countries around the world decide to regulate it (and that will happen.) I suspect it won’t collapse completely, but it is a long way from mainstream adoption.


Yeah, cryptocurrency I personally associate with underground, black market, dark-web, shady sales and folks who don’t want to get tracked by “the man.”

I’d much rather be represented as an Above-the-board, trustworthy business.

Hahah I get you! I first heard of it in a similar context.

Also, this guy.