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How Do You Feel About Seller with Several Accounts Gaming the System?


Just found out that a Fiverr seller has several accounts, promoting book reviews outside of Fiverr, then ordering my services to fulfill order. 2 orders in particular asked if I could please, please purchase their .99 Amazon book for a verified review. I know I really didn’t make a profit on it, but she got to me, so I did the favor. Only to learn, she charges a heck of lot more, and is paying peanuts for my services. I thought you could only have 1 account?


That’s the nature of the business here. People use to do it to me too. Once you level up, you can make a little more money with gig extras though.


You can contant Customer Support, yes it is STRICTLY 1 account per person.


You cant really stop people doing that and infact some would say that is perfectly fine. You sell on fiverr knowing its a cheap service. If somebody else has promoted your work indirectly is making money on top if it, then its fair play I say. At least your getting sales and they are coming to you rather than a competitor.

Also, if they work on a site offering services then its a fair assumption they are marketing the site and spending time and money on it, so at least you dont have anything like that to worry about :slight_smile:


That is annoying! However, we are essentially offering our services for any relevant job. A lot of customers come on here for outsourcing (I have done lots of writing jobs in my first week of Fiverr that are quite obviously being outsourced!) and I’m very happy to cover those tasks. The buyer ends up making more money, but hopefully we will end up getting a larger volume of sales!