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How do you feel about the blind review system now that it's been two weeks?

So two weeks have passed since the criticized blind review system was introduced. What are your thoughts now, as a seller, when you’ve had the chance to get used to it? :slight_smile:


What do YOU think? :smirk:


The feeling never changes! Though I have less chances that I might not be aware what my user will give me but still I don’t like this system.


I have my ideas and I certainly know how I feel (sometimes I’m boiling inside on a daily basis, sometimes I’m gradually getting more and more neutral about it) :stuck_out_tongue:

I know a lot of people were discussing “solutions” by adding disclaimers or coming up with standard replies that involved letting the buyer know that you couldn’t see their review, but I never found one that I liked or felt was professional towards the buyer. So I’m curious to learn how people approach it now that they’ve gotten used to it :slight_smile:

Yes, still I don’t like this system.

I have neighbor who gets up early every Sunday morning to start drilling, smashing, clashing, hammering, and swearing as he attempts to renovate his apartment. I’m 90% sure he’s perpetually drunk and 80% sure it’s not his apartment. - But I’m used to it.

As it is, this is how I see the new blind review system. Intimidating, needlessly annoying, completely counterproductive, and possibly thought up by a drunkard. - But I guess I’ll just have to get used to it.


It serves no purpose to help anything and it is needlessly incredibly stressful. We cannot respond appropriately. No longer can buyers see what we say in response to negative reviews, hindering their ability to make a purchase decision.

The stress and frustration this creates for not only sellers but buyers is through the roof.

In addition, a huge source of motivation and seller satisfaction and pleasure in a job well done is gone.


My opinion hasn’t changed, I still find it counter-intuitive and detrimental not just for sellers, but for sellers, buyers, Fiverr in its entirety in its current state, I didn’t notice any of what supposedly was missing for it to be 100% implemented coming along either during the two weeks. What I feel, well, I couldn’t care less.
The joy of receiving a review and the curiosity to know what my reviews say has subsided quickly. I doubt I’ll even look at them once they’ll show up, they’ll be snow of yesteryear by then and in case there was anything in the review I should have reacted to, chances are, that moment is over by now anyhow. Way to go.


I stopped using the review system. It defeats the purpose now.


It’s unfair, counter-productive, stress inducing, not “feedback that goes both ways” by ANY stretch of the imagination.It’s definitely NOT how it’s suppose to work, when you’re dealing with “independent” contractors who are utilizing a platform, and paying for its use through fees etc.

Because we offer services- it goes like this:

Buyer purchases, we accept the purchase, we provide the service, THEY LEAVE “BLIND” FEEDBACK regarding the purchase.

What type of feedback can we leave for a buyer, based on JUST THAT? :thinking:

Our feedback is (should be) a response to THEIR feedback - which is really the ONLY type of valuable SELLER feedback possible at this point.

The original feedback method, was how it is suppose to be done, exactly. The buyer leaves feedback, and we respond to it - and if need be – help clarify statements, or accusations made in their feedback, so potential - future customers checking out our gig, understand what may have gone wrong OR RIGHT.

This new method is actual lunacy. .


I get anxiety when someone leaves a review


I do too. This is a cruel joke.


Exactly how I feel. Fiverr needs to work on preventing scammers and improving marketing to increase sales and orders, not these fidgets.


Still hate it. I experienced my first review where the buyer included false information about the delivery and I wasn’t able to respond with my side. I didn’t review the buyer as I knew he was going to say something about what had transpired, but I didn’t know WHAT. So I let it post after 10 days or whatever. The review wasn’t terrible by any means, but I don’t appreciate dishonesty and not being able to reply with my side.

Where is the rest of the system they’re supposedly implementing? It’s been two weeks and we’re still stuck with absolute garbage of a review system.

How about fixing your app? How about making it compatible with the milestone system that’s been out for half a year now? How about that? Stop “fixing” things that aren’t broken.

I’m salty af, I’m sorry guys lol.


No need to apologize, you expressed your honest feelings.

That’s the problem, if there is a dishonest review left for a seller they can’t even respond to that.


I think something is reviewed based on the other person’s behavior, how he/she dealt and the communication etc. It is not something like ‘Replying a review’. Still it’s good if we see from this perspective rather than just replying a review. If he/she left a good review then review them good and vice versa. So it’s a good update but Fiverr needs to work on stopping Paypal scams and other problems.

Note: That’s my opinion only! If someone don’t agree with me then it’s okay. Everyone has own perspective. Peace! :v:

I do see what you’re saying, but the system isn’t set up how you’re describing. They have the blind review system in place but have left it in the feedback format as it previously was. If the review actually shows up on the buyers profile instead of as a reply to our review, that’s honestly way different and I would feel differently than I do now. I still wouldn’t really like it, but it would make 300% more sense than the current set up.

Staff has made it seem like there’s additional features that are going to be released for this new system, but they haven’t had any updates or additional changes since.


Hopefully they are first seeing how this goes before implementing new features.

It is your openion that’s fine but
here is a reality potential buyer don’t have access to our inbox, our deal, our communication he/she can only see buyer review and our response.
They can not make sense of our response if it depends on our experience with buyer.
so new system is crazy


2 words:
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