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How Do You Feel About the New Update In INBOX?

If you noticed the latest update in the inbox menu, do share your thought about it. I personally liked it because it will give me quick access to messages, and would let me open them in new tab.

Kinda like it, waiting for the bugs :smiley:

The issue I have with it, is when I go to my real inbox, I can see that orders have messages on them. The dropdown doesn’t show these, so I end up always going to the real inbox.

Your thread seems to be a better fit for “Conversations” and was moved.

As I said in the other thread about this. I like the old version so I click on the “view inbox” button. But that stopped working and I can only see 7 messages at one time. I get that many in 10 minutes. Now I can’t leave the computer or I will miss messages.
Does anyone have the reason for this new feature?

NOT liking this new update! It’s just really annoying having both in one location, they should really be kept separate (inbox and notifications).