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How do you feel during the initial part of your freelancing life?

How do you feel during the initial part of your freelancing life?
Due to heavy competition, it’s tough to get the first order for new sellers. I know all of us have passed through a similar period and want to see how you feel during your initial part.
Some use fake orders (I know some use fake orders) to get good feedbacks during their new seller periods. To me, it’s nonsense.
So I hope to discuss your feeling during your new seller period in this thread.


Pretty much neutral. Don’t build high expectations from the beginning only to watch how said expectations collapse.
I think it’s best to start using Fiverr more as a side/part-time job until it begins to grow into an actual business and you realize that:

  1. Your free time is no longer enough.
  2. It becomes profitable enough to pay your bills and earn extra money alone.

Once these two points are reached, that’s when you can actually go and freelance. With the ‘initial part’, you are pretty much dependent on multiple factors:

  1. Rotation mechanism of Fiverr (that makes you discoverable for clients to purchase service(s) off you)
  2. Social media to advertise your Fiverr services.
  3. First set of clients/client base.

Once you grow both rating and client base and become less dependent on these factors, you are pretty much are past that initial part. Although, rotation mechanism may still throw sticks or carrots at you.

In my example, I just made an account on Fiverr. Made two services that received 0 interest/no orders. I made a research and found a sub-niche and made a service in it. Suddenly, first clients begin to arrive. I completed a few of them and then there was pure silence and I almost forgot about Fiverr existence at all. And 3-4 days ago, this machine suddenly woke up and I have 5 people sitting in my inbox, discussing new orders from me :slight_smile:

My point is… at the initial part, take it more like … “extra treat” that can potentially grow into your full-time job if its handled right.


still try to build my freelancing career. so far it’s good.

I feel bad cause of people working cheap (as slaves) and getting all the buyers…

Sadly that is one of the ways to grow up both reputation and client base. Being cheap at first then eventually rise your price tag. That’s not the only method but it is definitely a common one.

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It’s what I did when i started fiverr, I got lvl 1 and regular buyers who left me for other editors doing empty and unprofessional content for cheap, then i invested so much time at upgrading their youtube channel, great.
It’s sad cause I needed some more orders to get the level 2 seller badge, I would have got lvl 1+lvl 2 badge in just one month.

Majority of people prefer it cheap and fast, often disregarding a fact “You got what you paid for” principle.
Those people who know exactly what they want and understand a higher price tag, quality, time to create - are small rare gems to stumble upon from time to time.

True, but I must say there had a real difference from what i made for them to what the other sellers did.
Bah… It’s their choice.
But I’ve got a lot of customers and demands during some months, and then everything has stoped insteatly the day of tomorow, i don’t understand at all, and it’s not even the algorithm cause my gig has 40k impressions and 2k clicks.

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Could it be linked to Fiverr’s rotation mechanism then? :slight_smile:

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Great Idea! most of new sellers come here with lots of expectations.

I think what happened was that you decided to change your market and didn’t realize why your current customers were your current customers.

You assumed that they were with you for the quality or at least the value for money (quality vs cost). Sadly the reality is that they were there for price alone as they don’t even care about value.

This is the danger of the $5 buyer as they will demand Pro quality like it matters but that is just to justify to themselves they are not doing exactly what they are doing; buying any old garbage so long as it is cheap.

Sucks to feel like you were used that way but now either go back to being a garbage merchant with open eyes or work out how to draw in people who care about what YOU Monsieur Le Patte can do for them as a Craftsman.

I admit that Fiverr (and most of these places) are a hard road for the latter and you have to be more patient. Not to mention having a former resolve in your heart (and :poop: muscle) as it is easy to get rattled.


I had a conv about it yesterday with a top rated seller, I maybe have to completly change my gig strategy and stop targeting twitch streamers for gaming, because finally it’s true, paying minimum 45€ for 1 or 2 video a week it’s a huge budget that not everyone can afford, unless they live from twitch youtube as the guy who DMed me yesterday with his 3 millions subscribers.
Targetting another audience and do something different would be a plan.

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Sadly that may be true. But just really understand it is hard for everyone. And the more people think it is hard the harder they make it. The more they buy for sill prices, the harder it gets as there is less money moving.

Try to find a more mature market. Maybe local church who need their Sermon vdified? (just be careful you don’t vilify it as well :open_mouth: )


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Everything seemed so easy, I made 2k€ last month, I had 10 messages in a day for editing, I was overbooked and then instantly the day of tomorow, it has stoped :open_mouth:

It may just be downtime. We all have it. We all kinda hate it (if not a lot worse - and need fresh undies after).

Either way, it is probably time to reassess. Find a copy of Seth Godin’s wee book “The Dip”. It is all about this.

I commonly go weeks between gigs. Most people I talk to (which is not many) here are just not ready to do real work.



Do you see an uptick in views and clicks as well?
Or just no orders?

Just no orders, my main gig still has a lot of stats, and the others were paused and I’ve put them online since 3 days.

It the same time feel bad but some time feel happy when the buyer pass good comment