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How do you feel if your competitor gig has more sales than yours?


When you see your competitor has 8 queue while yours 0 in queue.

Do you shorten your delivery time or giving more bonus for prospect ? Or what…


No need to shorten delivery time.

Every gig I create is based on our skills and working time.

I think that if you short too much your delivery time without thinking about how REALLY much time you have you risk to increase your negative feedback rate.

Bonuses or extras can help here, because sometimes some additional work can be easely a few hours longer to do.

What I really do if I see a “luckyer” competitor is inspire myself to create something different and better, without constrain my working times.



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When I first started, I got wrapped up in what others were doing instead of focusing on my own. I can only compete with myself and produce quality service to my customers instead of wasting time watching others move ahead of me. But when I have ZERO in queue… yes, it’s frustrating…


Person that has many in their q is either better than you. Or fiverr favors them :slight_smile:

no other explanation.

Disclaimer: I would listen to what ephazi has to say. Worry bout your own giggeroonies


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I am being facetious… There’s a logo guy on here who delivers in 8 days that has almost 400 in his q. I’m just saying there got to be a reason for that. He is pretty good designer and I am sure it’s deserved. But Fiverr does Favor him. Prob has some pretty good marketing behind that too.

So he’s prob better than me. I am ok with that. There is some pretty cool video gigeroonies on here to that have many in their q. Videos take a while to so thats prob why they have many in their q.


Well there’s favor I believe but basically because they are getting the sales therefore they are featured more then of course the cycle continues because that makes them get more sales… A person who isn’t seen may have better quality work but who sees them, not many. Buyers see the person who is featured or on the first pages, has plenty of gigs and automatically assumes their work is the best because of that. Sales drive everything here and everywhere.

I personally have a gig that I know my work is way more better than several others who keeps 20-30 in queue and charges 3-4 times more than I do for less quality work. Again, they are featured, on first few pages, seen, and bought.

So someone with no sales can have better work than someone with tons of work.

Does it make me feel bad, no but I do growl a bit because I know my work is clearly that much better. I continue to hope (and pray) that my gigs get discovered. (SOON :slight_smile:


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This guy, Looks like he upped his time frame to 14 days



Guy is on allot of Fiverr clone sites to with over a 100 in his q…


I tell you what… want to make some money Google this guy [fragglesrock] he is marketing himself everywhere.


awww come on… it’s not calling out in a negative manner. It will prob help some people having a hard time selling their gigerrs


Man cops on this forum do not want anyone to receive help… That’s just plain out wrong…

That’s pretty much the case everywhere though. Cops try to keep everyone in the slums.


I was discussing how successful the seller is on Fiverr and how he was marketing himself. This would be great information for sellers trying to make their sells popular on Fiverr.

Tons of threads about how to make their gigs popular. this seems to be a proven method.

The guy has over 500 in his q. How would it be wrong to try and replicate success. Except maybe Fiverr only wants a select few to be successful?


Than why not remove that single post. I wasn’t calling him out to get him in trouble. I wasn’t aware that if you sell on fiverr your weren’t allowed to sell elsewhere.

And if every was allowed to be successful than there would be a rotation of featured members not the same people over and over. You have to sit on fiverr a very long time hustling for sales before you meet the requirement to have your gig featured. With millions of visitors everyday visiting fiverr and the featured people are constantly the same ones over and over. Of course they are going to continue to be successful not allowing others with maybe better quality gigs or services to be seen because the one’s that are being seen are the one’s being purchased.

So if your gigs are not being purchased because of the Fiverr Favorite’s snagging up all the attention what can you do? You think of creative ways to bring in customers. Your not getting help from Fiverr like their favorites get. So posting this guys methods would be helpful to others that may be having a hard time. I do not see the wrong in that. When you remove something that clearly is intended for others to learn from that leads me to believe there is an ulterior motive besides the TOS issue. It would be simpler to remove the “Clone” Comment than to remove everything.


Reply to @madmoo: You are a moderator and can delete forum posts? Who else is a moderator?


Reply to @madmoo: Really? I have been told when I have 5 to 10 in queue that it actually made them want to buy more often as they feel more confident in buying from me, where-as when I asked others in the past they seemed less inclined to buy a gig.


Reply to @madmoo: *asked others in the past when I had no pending in queue