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How do you feel sitting down behind screen without order and how do you feel

How do you feel sitting down behind screen without order and how do you feel


Really It’s very sad for me.Still now i have no order yet.But i try my best to get a order


My office is very tidy - I always keep it in good order. :sunny:


If I have no orders, I do something else - I learn something new, or I try to find more ideas of what else I could offer, I play with my dog because she needs attention, too, etc.

Nobody is forcing you to sit and wait for orders - there are so many things to be done in life - but just waiting for orders isn’t the right way to become a #doer.


Best time to try something new (learn, experiment, work on that old dusty personal project, have a beer, sleep…)


I agree with Woofy31, when you have no orders you can do other things. If you want to do stuff on Fiverr maybe send offers to Buyer Requests, update existing gigs checking for any mistakes or update the gigs to keep competitive or something. You could also add new gigs you would be good at to increase chances of getting orders.


I would love to see more people NOT complain about their lack of orders.

If you don’t have any orders, then be proactive, and find something to do that improves your gig(s), so that you have a better chance of EARNING sales. Earning means work. WORK for your orders. No one deserves orders just because they’re sitting back waiting for them to magically appear.

Complaining and expressing depression or sadness about a lack of orders does not help you gain more orders. Get out there and find ways to earn more orders. You can do it. There is nothing stopping you from working hard to improve your business.


I always love to read your comments. They’re such motivational!


It’s called pub and dog walking time. Can’t afford to go to the pub? Get a job in one and kill two birds with one stone. That’s what I do when I’m poor.



I see it as an opportunity to learn something else or do something other than freelancing. I am always busy doing something. If you are sitting there waiting for your Fiverr orders, you are wasting your life.

Don’t rely on Fiverr alone for full-time income or work. Start doing something else also and learn more skills whenever you get some time.

Your title reminds me of Jim Rohn’s quote below


Hey i did 2 orders till now being i a new member . The thing is i want more orders and i am not getting any now… . .i got 2 reviews also… .and 5 star in all … Thought which might have lead me to more buyers etc. But that didn’t happen now or i am estimating it too fast to happen… by the way … .i need more buyers . …did my part in advertising and promoting. . .need to attract them…but what more can i do ? or we do ?

Genuinely laughed at that :ok_hand:


I feel alright. I only signed up here a couple days ago.
Right now my gig is more like something I like doing and my being on the site is also just familiarizing and seeing how I like it, for me not much depends on it at the moment so it’s fine either way.

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@ yaaemelia Hope you don’t mind me saying but “please buy my gig etc” under your profile image does not come across as very professional and must be standing in the way of you getting orders.

@lloydsolutions Thanks for your msg and the necessary corrections will be made Thanks

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I usually sit in front of the screen and then I can see the orders.
The couple of times that I sat behind the screen, I felt silly.


I agree with you dude, the first couple weeks will be more on familiarizing with the site how this whole thing go so the moment you got your first order you know what to do. :slight_smile:

I’ve liked this Eoin, but come on. You can do better than that.

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We all want more buyers and clients. And no, you have not done everything you can do to market and promote your gigs. If you’re making this claim, then you’ve pretty much given up. There’s a wide world out there, stop complaining, and find some more ways to promote your services.

You can think logically, right? You’re creative, right? You have a drive to succeed, right? Then get out there and do something. Use your logic, your creativity and your drive to succeed to determine what you need to do. The “I’ve done everything I can” routine is old, outdated, and 100% false.

Who are your target customers? Where are those people located? How are you going to reach out to those target people wherever they are? THAT is marketing.

I’m pretty sure that is not what you’ve been doing. :wink:

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