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How do you feel when a seller won't deliver for $5?

I’ve seen many sellers on Fiverr who have gigs stating “Minimum order of $50 ONLY” or “Please order all extras”.

How do you feel about this?

This is against the terms of service. If you find any sellers doing this, report them to customer support. Extras are fine, but every gig must offer -something- for $5.

In some cases it’s acceptable, but then the seller should word it correctly. For example mentioning that the basic gig is for consultation and because there is a lot of work involved, consumers must order the extras to make it worthwhile. However, just saying I will… for 5$ and there is no value for the 5$ is against the TOS and the seller should be reported to customer support.

@presseditor: Not sure about the consultation for $5? You should offer something for $5.00. Probably not “I will provide a quote for $5.00”?

Interesting… I always wondered if it was allowed. I saw the gigs on the front page and I was surprised to see that I could not place an order as it explicitly specified a minimum order of $__ amount. I’ll report them the next time I see them

What I am finding is that some sellers will post $5 gigs, but encourage everyone to contact them first before submitting an order. This results in their responding with a “custom order” which is the same offering as the $5 gig, but they want charge for $40 or $50. This seems like a violation. I think that from now on, I will just click the $5 offering.

I think Fiverr is doing a test with certain sellers as a base price, I think it was mentioned somewhere here on the forum, I see some base gig starts at $50 and $100, I am not saying that, that seller is one of those persons in the trial but I am seeing where some sellers were selected for such a new trail.

Reply to @landongrace: Well, sometimes a consultation is worth the money. Imagine someone who wants to know how to get visibility. One could just say order my gig while others are able to post a detailed step to step plan to get visibility. In that case it is a consultatiion that is paid.

Of course that’s just an example. What I mean is that every seller should deliver something, even if it is just a detailed consultation, or at least a part of the job. If someone offers advertising on a taxi, it could be printing the sticker for 5$ or if someone offers logo design, it could be offering five mock-ups to let the buyer decide what would work best for him.

So what I am saying in general is: Yes, the seller has to deliver something for 5$, but on the other side, there are things that sellers cannot offer for 5$ or they will make losses, so I am just suggesting that if the value is higher than 5$, sellers must at least offer some service in return for the basic gig as required by the TOS.

Hope it’s more clear now :slight_smile:

Reply to @presseditor: There is an After Effects guy on Fiverr who does what you say. I’m not talking about AE templates, but he does AE work from scratch. So what he basically does for $5 is take your idea and he will propose what he will do and how much it would cost. To get this proposal you pay $5. He is not trying to pull the wool over any ones eyes – he states this clearly in his gig description so if a person doesn’t want to buy, they can walk away.

So yes, what you said I have seen and Fiverr seems to be ok with it since he is very clear in what he does for $5.

Reply to @steveeyes: Yes, there are cases where it makes sense. I too get annoyed if I find a gig that says I’ll do this and that for 5$ and then the seller responds… I don’t do this anymore. My new deal costs at least 50$ so order Gig times 10 to get started. I do report such deals of course. But when it’s clear that the value is above 5$ and the basic gig is for consulting or creating mock-ups and so on and it’s described well in the description, it’s okay with me.

@presseditor: I knew you were on track, I just didn’t want it too be misleading. It would be better to sale a guide on “how to get more visibility” for $5.00. A consultation in my mind says, let’s set down and see what services I can offer you. Sure I will create enough value in the “Sales letter or consultation” to entice you too spend more.

I believe you can offer incredible $5 deals that your customer will love. I believe you need to craft it so that it is a good fit for only 20% of the people (length of content or scope). You will service the other 80% with gig extras and custom quotes.

I totally understand the challenge, I’m in the video space where a render and upload by itself can be 15 minutes, not to mention the edit and graphics work.

Reply to @david2345: Not always, I do this to make sure I can deliver what the buyer needs so we can avoid a cancellation.