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How do you feel when asked for a tip?

I am just wondering how you felt when getting asked for a tip? do you think it’s the right thing to do because to me I think you should let people make up there own mind if they wanna tip or not I feel like it’s a little bit rude but they did a great job It just wasn’t in my budget to spend anymore money. Feedback please!


You should never ask for a tip. The whole point of a tip is to reward people who you feel have gone over and above, and tips are always the prerogative of the buyer. Asking for a tip puts unfair pressure on the buyer (what if they can’t afford it, or what if they didn’t like your service, but didn’t want to give you a poor review?).

Also, asking for a tip on Fiverr will earn you a warning for breaching the Terms of Service.


Fiverr is already doing it anyway so there is no need to ask for tips.


You never ask for a tip! I never even heard anyone mention asking for a tip until reading about this on the forum and it makes me think that people who are in places where they don’t tip don’t understand what tipping is.

People who think it’s ok to ask for a tip must have never gone in a restaurant and left a tip for a waiter or waitress. They simply are completely unaware of this basic custom and how it works. It’s on the same level as not knowing how to use a fork or spoon, or at least that’s how it seems to me.


so true! I mean I understand the gig was only $5 but still it should be my choice to tip or not


Exactly! I feel the same way


“Expectations make frustration.” Put all effort on your work. Never ask for a tip.

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Instead of asking for a tip - its better to increase the prices or tell upfront that it will cost additional.

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yea there is a lot of competition in the field of graphics but that’s what I would do

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exactly last night i got a $9 tip and I wasn’t even expecting it although the client was extremely happy I was like wow when I seen the notification