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How Do You Feel?


How do you feel when your gig was pretty much unique and all of a sudden, someone starts offering a service they see you offering? Ugh. I know we have no control over it but sheesh. When I started, I was the only one offering LGBTQ romance books as a gig by itself. Now I’m going to rack my brain to find something new to offer the romance community.


I do understand how you feel, but there are many people offering the same types of services, and I’m sure there was that one person who originally started it, then others started doing something similar.
I guess there’s nothing you can do about that, but as long as you are good at doing what you are doing, I’m sure you’ll be fine. Usually from my experience, the “original” is the best most of the times! :slight_smile:


Agreed. I’m sure the buyers will see through the clutter to the value that you offer. Competition never hurt anyone, but I think you have nothing to fear if you stay true to yourself and your talents. :slight_smile:


Oh, I don’t have any fear at all but just for a minute there, you feel really pleased that you’re the only one offering a gig.


Ah yeah, I know that feeling. I have a gig ( which is currently paused) and for a while I thought it was very original and it was, but a while later another sellers started the same thing.
She did not copy of course, she had her own idea/presentation etc, but the idea was the same. I had that “awe darn” feeling for a bit. I’m OK now of course, hahaha.

Good luck with your gigs, you’ll be busy with orders you won’t even have the time to stop and
feel displeased!


Competition forces sellers to be better sellers. Find how your newfound competition makes YOU a better seller, and turn that into an advantage. :wink: