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How do you fight with somebody who tried to resell your gig?


Few times i had a case when some person tried to resell my gig.
You may ask: "Why do i think they try to use my gig in their own profit?"
Usually it happen in this way, some person make a request to do some job, if and when i’m overloaded with work i’m answering that i don’t have much time and ask to wait few days. Few hours later i’m receiving the same message with the same request from other Fiverr seller. Checking his profile and found out that he is at the same niche as i am and selling very similar gigs as i am. If i’m asking about what the purpose of this work and pointing that this person is reseller, usually i get response that this is not illegal.
Is that really not illegal and how do you manage such requests?

I’m not very happy when some persons gets money for my work and effort.


That can’t be declared as illegal. That’s trading. You get paid for your work, and re-seller also.
If that annoys that much, maybe you can upgrade your prices for such GIGs so even if other seller re sell your work, that doesn’t effect you.
OR you can stat that your work is not for re sell and you own the right to take action against if found someone reselling your work.


There’s nothing illegal about it. Once they buy your work, they can do whatever they like with it. Why would it bother you, as long as they’re paying your price and respecting your terms?


I don’t know. I just don’t like when somebody use my work and present it as his own. It’s makes me crazy. I don’t want to increase prices too much, but cases like this are pushing me on this step.


Look at the positives - you’re getting buyers paying for your work, and you don’t have to actually find the buyers yourself. :slight_smile:

Probably repeat buyers as well, if they like your work - I think it’s a great positive!


Why fight if they order according to your requirements and pricing? They are customers.


If you hate it so much, and if you don’t want to increase your prices, you can try putting “I DON’T WORK WITH RESELLERS” in your gig descriptions, and simply refuse whenever someone offering a similar service contacts you for work.


Maybe I’m missing something here, I’ll sell you my product all day long, if you wanna use it, trash it or resell it, who cares?, as long as I have your money. Thank you come again.


Do you have any idea how many times almost everything you buy has been sold on and sold on before you get it?
Take most food -
Farmer>Processor/Factory>Wholesaler>Retailer and you can add another 1-2 along the way if it is coming from abroad.
Some of the steps involve value being added to the actual product, while for others the added value is in the convenience for the next user - like a wholesaler to retailer - that is the way of business. If you don’t want to be part of it then state it on your gig but really you shouldn’t care at all as long as you are getting paid what you ask for.