How do you filter sellers by country or country of choice


How do you filter sellers by country? It is far easier to deal with people in your own country or country of choice…


From what I am aware of, you can only filter sellers by language, which is as close as you might get to your goal here.


That’s pretty useless since most sellers offer English but based on their native language don’t think or speak in English , the site would be far more effective if country of origin is validated


What you have left is to look at a persons profile to look up his country origin, but one by one I’m afraid, validated or not.


well, leaves the door open for competitive sites to improve on the process…Fiverr is a great site but obviously has some work to do


The filter doesn’t exist


There´s no comfortable way to filter by that, but when you´re down to a list of sellers you consider for a language-/country-relevant gig whose IP says they are from where you need them to be, you can validate yourself by clicking their message button (no need to write anything) and the inbox will show you their local time.
Works well for me, every time someone claims they are from where I am and it seems doubtful to me and I check, their local time is anything but mine.