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How do you fix a lot of negative feedback?


I took a lot of time off over the last couple of months and I missed a lot of deadlines. All those missed deadlines caused by gig feedback score to go below 95%. All of them say, “Buyer failed to deliver on time” so the negative feedback isn’t a reflection of the quality of work.

Is there any way that I can change that?


No way to change just keep up the good work and deliver on time from now on to avoid the late deliveries. Or you can contact the buyer and let them know the situation and “stop the click” buy delivering just text to the buyer with your new delivery date.


Thanks for the advice. I kinda figured there was no way to change the negative feedback. :frowning:


Reply to @madmoo: Yep agree 100% Just expand your deadline so you wont get anymore negative feedback on you. Good luck!


I totally agree that "There really is nothing more annoying than seeing a gig with a 5-day / 10-day leadtime and then not hearing from the seller."

I’ve been guilty of cancelling gigs that weren’t delivered on time!


I like that you inserted the word ‘reasonably’ because it makes better sense :slight_smile:


Yes, agree.