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How do you get an Announcement at the top of a category?

How do you get an Announcement at the top of a category?

You know what I mean, how the top threads are pinned to the top and new threads only appear below all the announcements.

Are these threads started from special people?

What would make them special?

Does the forum sheriff give this opportunity to people at their discretion?

Why do some categories have as much as 6 or 7 announcements making people have to scroll way down for newly started discussions?

Your thoughts?

I’m not sure what you mean by "announcements’. Are you referring to the permanent, usually ‘closed’ threads? Most of those are basic Fiverr tips and advice aimed to help newcomers and were written by Fiverr administrators, or they contain answers to FAQs, so they remain active even if the original post is older. The forums with tips and FAQs contain most of those permanent threads, which makes sense because that’s where newcomers look first for assistance.

When I look at the first page of a forum, the threads on top, after the permanent ones, are those with the newest comments. So if I write a comment, then leave the thread, the one I just commented in jumps to the top of the page (but still after those permanent threads). That’s why sometimes a really old thread shows up on the first page: someone found it maybe with a forum search and wrote a comment, pulling it to the front again.