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How do you get attractive gigs on fiverr?

Here are some hidden tips for gig description:

  1. Don’t copy or steal another gig content. …
  2. Offer Money back guarantee.
  3. Describe your Works very professionally.
  4. You should try to write attractive gig content.
  5. Use your portfolio link, Fiverr approve below links, …
  6. Put few tags on gig description.

@wpexpertsabbir Thanks For key Suggestion!


First of all, nothing you said is “hidden”. Now, to comment on your topics -

1 - This is obvious. It’s against the rules to copy other gigs anyway, you will get flagged.
2 - NO. This is completely stupid. Do this, and then come to the forums complaining buyers get the work and then cancel the order. You just told them they could do it.
3 - What does that even mean?
4 - Well, duh.
5 - What are “bellow links”?
6 - You can put up to 5 tags on the tag box. There’s no such thing as “tags on gig description”.


The second " 2 " is not good, because you will attract some buyers order your gigs and then refund get free work from you … :smoked_smile:


Thanks.Where do you get this type secret tips.


There are no secret tips. Did you even read my comment above? Stop enabling this BS.


Yeah this is awesome information

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Ok thanks :frowning:


It’s really not, just ignore it. NEVER offer a money back guarantee. I’m 100% with @visualstudios with this one.


Add this tip to your list please. Do not use pirated software.

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Oh.I can understand. Thank you😇

Thank you to make me understood😇

No offence.I have already replied😇

You are most Welcome :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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how can i use hash tags in discription…?

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Yes you are right.I didn’t understand before but as you said I have understood.Thank You😇

in description you can bold your sentence or mark them with yellow marker. those things will be more attractive than hastags :slight_smile:

thanks i will try :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for suggestion :slightly_smiling_face:

You are most welcome😇