How do you get gigs apporved?


Anyone know how to get started selling gigs with out any experience, I was trying to sell a service doing logos and I

had uploaded some sample logos I had made but the gigs keep getting turned down. The format was right which was a JPEG file and the resolution was 682 x459 as per the instructions from fiverr but the gigs still keep getting turned down because of some kind of issue with the imagnes not showing up good. Anyone have an ansere for this problem!


I’m having the same problem…my pics “need to be of better resolution” and I’ve sold on another site and never have pic issues…I’m old school…this computer stuff is not easy for me…HELP!!! or I might just quit before I get started…


I also tried to place a gig that I have been selling for over a year on other sites. It was turned down because it was PLR. The idiots that call themselves customer service said they cant accept PLR. There are hundreds of PLR products being sold on fiverr. Its much easier to go to Ebay, Ebid or JVZoo. You will not get all this resolution rubbish or turned down for stupid reasons.