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How Do You Get Paid?


Hi all,

I’m new here. Just set up my first ‘gig’ but there doesn’t seem to be anywhere to put your Paypal address for payment in anywhere.

Also, I have a “1 TO DO” on my dashboard - it’s saying my profile is incomplete and I need to edit it, which I have but the flag up is still showing. Don’t know what 'm missing out.

Any help greatly appreciated.



Hover over your name in upper right corner



See the PayPal section


Mine does not seem to have a paypal section under the Account Settings :frowning:

Not sure what to do…


Hi, I’m new to Fiverr too and just did 2 gigs today, but I too do not have any paypal section under account settings? Should it show up now that I’ve completed a gig?


click SALES on the top menu and click “Revenues” on the right menu now you can see paypal account;)


I’m a new seller too and have like 50 odd dollars of earnings but the paypal option is also not available because I have no actual earnings to withdrawl. I suppose these earnings just have to pass through the fiverr system before become available to withdraw. I think payout is every month or something?


The REVENUE link is where you initiate a withdrawal (provided you have cleared funds),

To be able to Buy and Sell on Fiverr you set up your method of payment. The OP asked about PayPal which is in the Account Settings area. It should offer four items;

  • Full Name
  • Email
  • PayPal
  • Facebook

    And a “Save Changes” button.


Hi all. Sorry I must be missing something. There is no paypal address box anywhere. not under account, not under revenues, not under settings. Nothing - at all … now they are saying my painting infringes copyright (what my OWN? It’s MY artwork.) Starting to wonder if this site is worth bothering with.



Yeah seems like too many for them all to be just overlooking it. Glitch ?


Hi @crazygurrrl

I don’t see any gigs under your account. Did you contact Customer Support with your question about the copyright issue?


I do not have a Paypal option either. Just signed up today. It does say something about damquickpay but I don’t know what that is


stiper23 - no. For some reason I cannot get any of my images accepted, so my gig is ‘pending’ every time I upload another image. It’s frustrating the life out of me. I have another thread open with the details. Don’t know whether I’m going to bother with it all.


Hmm I don’t see any Paypal info either in the settings. And I’m currently Level 1.








Reply to @crazygurrrl: I suggest you “bother” a lot of busy people took the time to help you. You just need to help your self :slight_smile:

Have you contacted CS or are you not going to bother with that either?



Are you calling me a liar? There is NO link, or section anywhere on my dashboard or account to add a Paypal address. I can’t make it any different.

And yes I have ‘bothered’ to contact CS about this plus all the hassle with several images I have tried to load which keep getting rejected for different reasons including breaching copyright. (I AM the copyright owner. I painted the blooming picture - I cannot breach my own copyright! )

It’s like having to jump through all sorts of hops for £3.65. I sell on lots of other sites and have done since 2000 and have never had the hassle and faff I am having here - it’s almost ludicrous.

I suggest you read some of the other posters who also do not have a Paypal link. Tell them to ‘help themselves’ too. Sheesh.


Sheriff’s Note: Thank you @kjblynx


Thank you @kjblynx :slight_smile: