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How do you get people to leave you reviews?

I’m asking…

Is it okay to hound completed customers to leave a review? How do you guys go about it?


I find that a polite and indirect approach works best. If I notice that the Buyer personally marked the order as complete–that is, it wasn’t done by Fiverr automatically–and they haven’t left a review, I ask them about what they thought of my Gig through the Inbox. That’s usually enough of a hint.

However, I wouldn’t suggest hounding them. An annoyed customer might leave a negative review out of spite. Besides, you ought to channel that time and effort towards your Gigs. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t recommend hounding the customer to review your gig…

I’d suggest when delivering it - Leave a sort of reminder or kind of nudge them to complete a review. I think it would be a bit tacky to follow up after all work has been done and ask for an review. But if you’re going to do anything - be sure to be polite

Hounding your customer to review your gig is not the best option.
I’d suggest that after you have done a perfect job and deliver it him, you politely ask him for a review.

Usually I ask them this way… Here is your work, Please leave a good feedback… thanks…