How do you get to be a level 1 seller with only 5 reviews and sales?


I was approached by a level 1 seller looking to buy an ‘account’ from me. I declined of course.

So I went out of curiosity to see which country he was from assuming that there may be country restrictions or something to make him want to ‘buy’ an account from me.

So I see that he is indeed a level 1 seller - with only 5 total sales and reviews and many new gigs!

What am I missing about this site??

I totally am NOT aiming for level 1 at this point as… what is the point! This guy bet me too it. :frowning:


Yes, I think you are correct, I had a second thought about this post myself after writing it and also agree with you that they likely deleted a gig. Like when I got hacked and all gigs were deleted by the hacker - I retained my level thankfully.