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How do you get to level 2 seller

What are the tips for reaching level 2 seller? For those already in level 2, what is the experience?


Completed at least 50 individual orders in two consecutive months
Maintain a 4.5 star rating or above
Have a low cancellation rate

Obviously, you need to do this :smiley:
Advertise your gig and try to get new and more customers. there are plenty of tips already here in the “tips for sellers” category.


must the 50 orders be completed in consecutive months?

Yes :smiley: you have to get 50 sales in two months.

an uphill task but I am optimistic

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I am sure we will both get there some day. :+1:t2:

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You’d complete 50 Orders (even if it takes a year or longer for the 50 Orders) and maintain 4.5+ star rating.


You´re sure about this? It does say ‘in two consecutive months’ on the Fiverr level page Fabian linked to. :confused:

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I knew nothing about freelancing, its working, interaction with users etc. However, within a short span of 50 days, I reached level 2.
Based upon my personal experience, I would share some tips that I followed, and I am quite optimistic that following these any one can become a successful seller in short span of time.

  • Try your level best to remain active as much as possible.
  • Keep applying for Buyer requests on daily basis.
  • Keep communication prompt and impressive.
  • Keep the buyer informed about progress of the project.
  • Never start a project before comprehending the requirements properly. At the end
    either you are going to get it canceled, revised, or a get a BAD Review.
  • Always deliver quality work.

The “2 months” is the minimum timespan.

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No, it says “consecutive months” on the page. Aka two in a row.

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thanks for the insights. i will try and react more to buyer requests.

Well, It took longer than two months for me, yet I got the badge in my 51st order. So, I am agreed with @grydlynnes. Consecutive is not a progressive thing here we actually mean.


so a scenario> i complete 50 orders and maintaining a 4.5 star rating in 54 days. will i go to level 2?

Hmm I see…I guess the Fiverr algorithm works in mysterious ways :stuck_out_tongue:


Ya, it happened to me. I have joined 21st February and got the level two badge in April’28.


must the 50 orders be completed

yes i think they must have been successfully completed and delivered.

:confused:yeah it seems so

You are always welcome :slight_smile: