How do you get your Gig in the "Recommended" section of the search results?


It seems like these folks get a real advantage. How do I join them?


Official response from CS was that they are not at liberty to discuss their criteria for picking what goes there.

I got my latest gig in that section (under commercials) by creating a really good video that no-one else has.

I’d suggest checking out the competition, create something unique and make sure it’s absolutely appealing in every way!

Good luck!


Just a quick note on videos, I just did one and got it declined 2 times, so this what you need to do, say in the video exclusive to Fiverr, and keep it under 1 min.

And all should be well.




It’s really a rotation, and fiverr is in full control of the exposure details and which placements get the most attention. They change the recommended often. I would recommend building up for another week or two and then send them your gig to support for better placement consideration. They will forward it to the editors and if they can help you they will.