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How do you guys feel about 5 star ratings instead of the old thumb ratings?


This is both for sellers and buyers. (I am a seller though).

How do you guys feel about the change from old thumb ratings to the new star ratings? Do you find them any better or the same or would like to get thumb ratings back?


I will put my own thoughts here:

I think thumb ratings were better. YouTube initially had these star ratings. Their studies told that pretty much everyone only gave either a full 5 star rating or a 1 star rating. Hardly anyone used the middle ones. So they switched to thumb ratings, and have never looked back. And here Fiverr did the opposite -_-.

Honestly, you either like something, or not. This is not like we sellers are giving an examination, and we get grades. If the buyer is not completely satisfied, he should get a refund.



I think a thumbs-up/down system makes a lot more sense. The start-system is a lot like something the forum filters will automatically censor: Amazon. If it says fragglesrock, then the word I’m thinking of starts with an “A”, ends with an “mazon.” I understand that Fiverr wants buyers to be able to leave relevant reviews based on different factors (product description was great but delivery time was bad, etc.), but in the end I feel that a star system is just way more than it needs to be.


Reply to @jamesbulls: I agree. Also, they can keep all the “different factors” but still have the thumb based rating system.

No idea why the switch… :confused: