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How do you guys handle time zone issues?


Not sure if this has been discussed on here but I know it’s bound to come up since we are from every country and persuasion on here! What country you reside in is visible to the public but then every country is going to be in a different time zone obviously and this affects the timing of projects, obviously.

Well, take me for example, there are about 4 time zones in the US and the one I am in is Eastern-people would normally want to know things like that; people would assume I live in NY, Washington DC, or South Carolina, but what’s important is that I’m on Eastern time.

I ask this because sometimes people expect to hear from you quickly, obviously it could be 4 in the morning here, but someone on the West Coast may not know that and think I might be lazy or unprofessional, when the truth is it’s 8 am where they live.

How do you handle this? (And how many of you mention your time zone in your profile as a way of helping people know when you are available or not?)


I’m new on Fiverr, so I definitely don’t know the big picture yet.

As far as I concern, I don’t care about the time zones. I think, if someone want to get my gig, this person can wait for some hours. I check Fiverr each morning and each evening at least, and over the day, most of the time, I keep an eye on my E-Mails where I get Fiverr-notifications. I’m living in Europe (CET).

If a customer want something done in less than few hours, it’s probably not very important for the customer, where he gets his request done.


Actually the system now shows the local time for every user based on his country or where he lives, some don’t pay atention to it, so just explain to the buyer that you have different time zones when contacting them



working global, thinking global.

Time zones shouldn´t be any issue.



Fiverr now shows the local time zone for every Seller/Buyer on both the messages and order updates. But they shouldn’t be obstacle at all, as you have a delivery time for a few days and there is no need to be worried.


I encourage my buyers to order without contacting me first, that saves a lot of time. Chatters can make you waste days before placing an order. Think about this, right now it’s 5:12 PM in Fort Lauderdale, FL and 5:12 AM in Perth, Australia. That’s a 24/hour difference, but after I deliver the buyer has 3 days to demand modifications, refunds, etc. So there’s more than enough time to communicate. Time zone issues are only an issue with people that place an order, go on vacation, and then whine a week later because they didn’t like your work. Apparently, lots of people go on vacation to places with no Internet.


^ I disagree with this. I don’t encourage buyers to purchase without contacting sellers first. It is important that you first communicate and ensure that there is a mutual understanding. Also, what if a buyer orders something from you and receives absolutely no response in terms of their order request? Personally, I would be upset and feel like i’m being robbed. On the other hand, if a buyer has not responded to a simple inquiry/message I sent, i’m less likely to be upset.
Now, in regards to your question about timezone, I don’t think that should be an issue. If you find yourself responding to a message very late, perhaps apologize and say something on the lines of: “I apologize for the late response. Time zone conflictions prevented me from doing so in a timely manner, haha.” Then go on to fully tackle all of their questions. This illustrates diligence and makes up for your tardiness.


List your hours on your gig or on your seller profile, and give the time zone based on its GMT differential. Thus, EST is GMT -5, so when you say (for example), “I work Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm EST / GMT -5,” people will know how to convert your time to their time. And if they ask you to figure it out for them, just say, “Google it.” If they’re too dumb to figure it out, chances are excellent they’re gonna be customers you won’t want to work with.


“How do you handle this?” - I personally don’t. The time measure that matters is the order countdown, and I do not agree to work within smaller increments (I may try to accomodate, but won’t ever guarantee it).

If the buyer hasn’t submitted proper order requirements AND hasn’t been responsive to the messages, claiming it’s because of the time difference, I will still deliver the best work I can (given the situation), before the countdown stops, while religiously collecting screenshots and evidence for CS…just in case, you know.


for me time does not matter all
i am always online some times i go offline but not more then 3 hours


I guess it’s dependent on whether this is something you’re doing full-time or part-time, if you’re looking to grow or maintain your business, how much time you’re interested in putting into it and really what you’re looking to get out of it.

IF you’re having issues with time zones which cause you to deliver late, or has you stressing. Consider changing your delivery times. Sure it could cost you in terms of orders, BUT in my opinion my sanity isn’t for sale.

Wish you continued success.



well most times i try to get up whenever my phone beeps at nights and atleast ask for them to return soon or try to get the order before going back to bed…hope it helps :slight_smile:


Not exactly, I just lost a potential order. I was on my way to bed when she contacted me (hadn’t ordered yet) and I let her know I was going to bed. She had a lengthy email and several links she wanted me to see.

If the person hasn’t placed an order yet, I like to map out everything and make sure I have a game plan before I send them an offer to hopefully avoid customer disappointment and I couldn’t do that in 5 minutes before bed.

Actually I was banned from buyer requests in December, when I couldn’t afford the missed potential orders, on my second order. I was in bed with my glasses off trying to respond to a buyer on my cell phone. She sent an order and a regular email at the same time and I only responded to the order.


I handle it by staying awake on the computer all night until 6 A.M.
It is 4:05 A.M. right now and I am taking orders and answering messages.


Very interesting how everyone’s handling it differently. I think it’s like @jwaynevo said: It’s up to you. Whether you do full-time or part-time, whether you live in a favorable time-zone or not, whether you are a workaholic or a relaxed free time person. In the end you have to decide the best way for yourself.

I also don’t want to spend my sanity for some work. I go to bed and in the morning I check my emails. If I missed an order, I’m not sad about it, since I’m well rested and can do other stuff or requests. I would never want to stay awake for a customer who may come across. But if I’m awake, I pay full attention to any customer and work with all my energy to get the best results. Sometimes it’s only a few hours past the bought order, sometimes it takes few days or a week – but it’s always in the delivery time we agreed to.

But to be fair: I’m a part-timer. Besides Fiverr, I work in five different well-payed jobs as I’m making my hobbies into a career.


Regarding whether you should ask your buyers to contact you before placing an order probably depends on what kind of gig you are offering.

As I offer animations, I need to know if I have the right assets at my disposal to be able to do justice to their project.

Plus I don’t want to receive orders for a porn site animation -(what’s the point , hardly an explainer needed there !) which was the very first message request I received from a buyer when joining fiverr …Errrr


Timezone usually isn’t an issue for me.

I have the fiverr app on my mobile so I’m always available for contact. The only time I’m not available for contact is when I’m sleeping and that usually only lasts 6 to 8 hours.


I don’t get what is complicated about this.
My buyers have been from the U.S, Pakistan, Singapore and the U.K.
I live in Israel.
I sleep for 8 hours, work when I’m awake, am online when I’m at my desk.
I don’t have a smartphone, so when I’m not at my desk (cooking in the kitchen, out with a friend, attending a wedding, attending a funeral, running errands, etc - you know, living…) than I am not at my desk…
One can’t sneeze and drink water at the same time :wink:
So, bless you and here, have a sip of water. :slight_smile: Hugs.


Time zone really matters …i lost many projects at night when i went to sleep and buyers need reply at the same time…


Yes, Time zones very very important thing. In my case, I work and active online from 06.00 am – 11.00 pm in every day. I am in UTC+05:30 zone. check out my profile my response time 99% now. Even I have not any smartphone yet.

When a buyer contacts me , at first I chek the buyer’s time zone and I share my time zone also with his /her.
I do urgent delivery if they order within my working time.
Generally, all of my gigs delivery time have set Avg 10 days . I know it’s funny. But it’s for my safety.
I think when a buyer needs to get a big project done , he/she will inform you of place any order except its urgent.

So time zone is very very important for both of use seller and byer. It’s important for better communication. When he/she know about my time zone and working time, they will understant and draw a picture in his/her mind about how , when I will work and will close the project.

Do again So time zone is very very important for us.