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How do you guys send your concepts?


Hi there :slight_smile:

Up untill now I have been sending my concepts (logo design) through chat to get feedback from my buyers (only image file of course). But I’m starting to wonder if there is a better way to do this since buyers could maybe cancel the order and copy my design for a cheaper price. So my question is : How do you guys send your concepts ?


You can use your on own watermark so that no one can stole your work.You can tell your buyer if you like it then i shall send you real pic.


Thank you for your comment, I used that sometimes but what stops them from recreating my concept for cheaper and cancel the order ?


Nothing really :frowning:
Anyone can take your portfolio items, recreate and sell them. In most cases, you wouldn’t even know who has used your ideas.

You can take any well-known brand and find thousands of knock-offs.
Don’t worry about it. Hunting down copycats is just waste of time.


That’s too bad, would be great if there was some sort of system to send concepts which protects the seller better. But of course that’s very hard since there are always people who are going to take advantage no mather the situation.