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How do you handle annoying customers?

Not sure where to post this, so Ranting Pot it is.

I joined Fiverr about 2 weeks ago and so far I’m superenthousiastic. I’m now up to 62 orders in about 1 week (had my first order last Sunday) and 61 of those orders were awesome! Sometimes communication is a bit difficult, but buyers know what to expect and they’re generally happy when I respond quickly and when they get what they ordered.

One of these orders however was an absolute nightmare for me. This buyer came in speaking in full caps constantly, being very confusing (I’m not a native English speaker, but I understand most/all of it - this buyer was vague all around), very demanding and downgrading. She had a fairly complicated request so I told her before she ordered: listen, this is a complicated drawing, so I’m going to ask you to order two gigs instead of one.

She ordered just one and when I reminded her of what I had told her twice (and what is clearly visible in my gig’s description) she got mad, saying how she had already ordered from other fiverr’s and they couldn’t get it right and now she was supposed to pay me more and blabla. At this point I got fed up - stress like this isn’t worth a fiver tbh - so I requested to cancel the order. At this point, she became all “oh sorry no I looked over it its my fault no sorry sorry no ok so what if we do like this: I STILL only pay for one order but then if I like it, I’ll order the other!”. I wanted to explain to her that it was the amount of time going in the order anyway that made me ask two, not some kind of greed, but I figured what the hell, I’m new to this, lets get as many orders and as many positive reviews: I can do this!

So I started the order and delivered it. Got it back. Apparently, she wanted it differently. I went over all the details she had sent me earlier, and it was all very vague so I figured: whatever, I’ll change it (I’ll change orders if they’re small details, she basically wanted the whole thing to be redone). So I changed it and redelivered, staying calm and friendly and nice saying “Hey I’m so sorry I must’ve misunderstood - here’s your reworked order!”. I got it back, AGAIN, saying just: “This is not what I wanted.”.

I absolutely friggin lost it! I was so fed up with this buyer! I’m an aspiring illustrator, not a slave! So I messaged this to her, saying I was absolutely fed up with her BS, that she had been mean and annoying and that I was fed up. What followed was ofcourse more patronizing! She said “I’m sorry dear, no need to get angry, you know what? I’ll accept the order and you can keep the 5$ for your inconvenience”. Inconvenience. That’s right! I didn’t get paid cause I delivered exactly what she asked in the way she KNEW I was gonna be delivering it (my gig has “… in MY STYLE”), but hell no was she paying me for that, nono, she was paying me for my inconvienence.

Later, when the order had been finished, I got a message from her saying she didn’t really wanna give me a positive review because she had felt I had been very angry, BUT!!! she had learned to forgive people their immaturity and so she would forgive me and give me a positive review.

So basically I went through hell for this person, lowered my price and all I got was 4 dollars for my inconvience and a positive review for my immaturity.

I was so pissed I had to write this all off. How do you guys handle annoying customers?

I’ve got a buyer just like this, who constantly demands my work in twenty-four hours, but refuses to pay for it, unlike the rest of my buyers, who are great. I just do what she asks, because this is my main source of income and I can’t afford a negative review. My policy is to just keep being nice even if the buyer is being horrible. My first week on fiverr I had a buyer who (now, I realize) just wanted my work for free, and did this by telling me that my work was wrong, but wouldn’t tell me how he wanted me to fix it, and was extremely rude about it. I just cancelled the gig, returned the five bucks. The headache isn’t work the 3.92 dollars you get in the end. Just cancel it and move on.

Yeah, I should’ve just gone through with the cancel when I first requested it. It’s a bit weird though, buyers can demand an order from whoever they want and ask the most unreasonable things and if they won’t listen to reason, well, you still have the order in your sheet. You can’t ‘refuse’ to work with someone. Can you?

Here is how I learned to deal with this-

Put a price on yourself. You are, after all, selling your work here on Fiverr. Know your worth. I charge $45 for 30 minutes for my in-person clients. Fiverr? $3.98 for 6-10 minutes. However, I use Fiverr not as a main source of income, but as a place where I can practice and polish my skills. That’s it. If someone is rude to me or tries to pull a fast one on me (And oh they have!) I will quickly hit ‘mutual cancellation’ and if they do not accept, I contact Customer Support. I have a life outside of Fiverr and I won’t spend my time arguing with my clients. I feel that I am generous enough with my time and efforts. If someone wants me to spend extra time on them, they can pay the money or find another seller that is willing to work for peanuts.

Respect yourself and respect your work. If you start feeling like it’s a burden, you’re not charging enough. It’s not being greedy, it’s having self-respect. When you respect yourself, your buyers will as well. If you let one walk all over you, you are opening a nasty can of worms. Will $3.98 buy you a strong enough pill to cure the headache the buyer is going to give you? Probably not. Don’t waste your time with people that don’t have the decency to treat you like a normal human being.

Oh my, Reading this just remind me of my nightmare, i think your customer WAS my customer also!! I did give 1 revision, but the revision she gave me was a totally different and i really had to draw a completely different brief. I had to canceled it because she was rejecting my drawing way past the deadline time, and she also reject my cancellation, beging me helping her to finish the project,which i did. once i finish it, she gave me a bad review! I really hope there will be a good solution from fiverr, so we can choose not to work with someone even if they declined our cancellation.

I usually say “welcome to block”, I have a low tolerance for fools, so if they beat around the bush with a million questions or try and test the waters by scamming me, I will block and report them, in all honesty they’re not worth the hassle for $5, or should I say lack thereof because most of the time the annoying buyers don’t buy gigs or end up cancelling them and you’ve wasted hours sometimes days of your life you can’t get back, so I’m usually quick to get rid of them, LOL.