How do you handle customers with questions that are answered in your gig description?


I get redundant questions all the time and have made it a point to answer them on my gig page. How do you handle your frequently asked questions?


I get many emails asking me to send them a demo of my voice over work. There are videos in my gig. Highly annoying at times.

I simply let them know that there are videos on my gig page. Be as polite as possible about it.

If someone asks for a video that highlights a certain character voice that may really help me get their business, then I point them to my youtube account.


In regards to my family tree gig, I have clients order and send me their name and birth (usually born after 1983) and I ask them for their parents information and they will respond they don’t know. Low and behold it is an adoption issue thus my adoption disclaimer now on my gig page


There’s a topic about "Communications with sellers"

Basically I have an xls document I keep open, I name the pages with the keywords for the questions, and quickly copy and paste the answer and move on.

I do have a joke message that if someone asks me three questions, I then send them to my consulting gig and say I have a “question fee, the first three are free”.



Reply to anarchofighter: Sometimes someone will send me a message asking me if I can find any information on their parents, I will do a search and whatever I find I will tell them but for further information they will have to purchase the gig


I offer the buyer if they ask too many questions must order extra gig for my answers.


I try to be always polite and usualy try give some extra gifts.

I try to keep everyone satisfied.Sometimes not an easy job for 4 dollars :bz


I simply answer the question as if it wasn’t in my gig page. I know some people are in a hurry so they only brief over the description. Or maybe they just missed that info or wanted to make certain about something. Sometimes a buyer just wants to hear from you to give them some confidence before placing an order.


I always answer the questions. It takes time but I like to be polite and useful.

If it is blatantly stupid I will clarify and mention that this info is on the description page.

Sometimes I’ve had to tell people not to order because they were a little suspicious.

It’s funny when I get orders and they say "Oh damn. 29 days to deliver?!!??!?!TF!!!"

I actually deliver within a week regardless but I keep that up there to deter dubious clients.

Somehow they still manage to get in :0


i just answer the questions as polite as possible. That’s all you can do. if not you’re not going to get very many customers.


Just answer them as polite as you can, though it can be annoying at times. Keep a ‘template’ of those answers handy, be it in a Word document or Excel sheet. It’ll help when you have these reply ready answers written out in advance. You can always edit/personalize it later. That’s what I do :slight_smile:


Yeah, I often get questions that are answered in my descriptions. My top question has to be for my Craigslist posting gig “Do you post in the job section?” which my description clearly states I don’t. Below are the steps I take to answer these questions.

Step 1: Shake head

Step 2: Reply with the answer, being polite of course. Usually I start out with “As stated in the description” just for future reference.

Step 3: Wonder why people don’t read the descriptions and wait for the next person to ask the same thing… :slight_smile:


Reply to @choochypuss: Haha, “somehow they still manage to get in” it’s unavoidable. I recently started a similar gig for writing articles as I think it would be a fun and interesting way to learn about different things while making some extra money. Do you have any tips/advise for an article writing gig?


I found it best to ignore questions, deliver the work, and if things are by then still unclear,

i would answer.



Hi guys,

I always make an effort to answer them. Being polite is always a good thing. Remember, not everyone’s first language is English and so the potential buyer may have missed a point

Even though it may seem glaringly obvious to you, everyone is different.

I must have said this a million times during my seminars - "Always put yourself in the customers position. How would you like it if you thought that a customer care rep wasn’t polite or doing their best to serve your needs?"

Be kind, be polite, and see your sales grow :slight_smile:

Warm regards,



I usually just answer their question. Some people don’t take the time to read everything for whatever reason. It only takes me an extra minute to reply, so why not. :slight_smile:


I reply every message i received in my INBOX of Fiverr.

And i do not copy paste generic message or per-written replies.

I reply specifically what the buyer ask from me. Maybe it takes minute or two. Sometime 5 minutes to write a customized reply to their need. In return 90% people convert to buy my GIG with Multiple Extras :slight_smile: So little more effort can bring more sale and revenue and A+ reviews also :slight_smile:


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I answer them. Sometimes people scan rather than read.