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How do you handle it when a buyer admits having two accounts?


If someone buys a gig and they then send messages from their other account how would you handle it? And the account they buy the gig with was just made today?


Ask them to order from only one account and tell them to get rid of their other account as it is against Fiverr ToS.


I hate to bring in that element after they have ordered, but I may have to cancel this, red flags.


I haven’t had it happen often (like 1-2 times in 3 years) but in my case it was big companies and some… IDK. Anyway, it all worked out for me. I’d be more cautious in your shoes as your gigs are more individual. Plus you have the random glitches and bugs which I know made @gina_riley2 make a new acct (but I don’t remember the details now).

If it feels bad, toss it.


It happens almost every other night lately, same person each time. Tonight she gave a total of 4 different names. And of course ordered two gigs that need to be cancelled.


I would immediately contact CS about this and cancel the order, because it wouldn’t feel good and when my gut says ‘No’ I listen.


It’s so annoying that Fiverr let’s so many phony people in. They are bad for our cancellation rates.


Lately I’ve heard from people who seem to have no idea it was against terms of service.


Not many people read the ToS, especially buyers. I’d ask them to order from only one account and politely tell them that having multiple accounts is against ToS. If you word it friendly you should be fine.


Something happened and I was being contacted by sellers I never worked with. It was strange. I cancelled and created new account with new email, then the new email had issues - long story.

I’m pretty sure it was less than a month, contacted customer support they got my original email mirrored up with my third account. Which is good, hated having seperate email for 5r.

Everything is working fine now, but I had 3 accounts - in less than 1.5 months. It did look pretty suspicious and someone did challenge me. :laughing: That’s okay, I would have challenged me.


I cancelled the one time it happened to me, although for whatever reason, CS cancelled it but let the person keep both accounts. I only noticed because he inboxed me from a TRS account and asking about a gig. After I gave him a quote, he came back and ordered on an account with a similar name but no gigs for sale. He said that he used it for buying only. I told him that was against ToS and he said that he didn’t think it mattered for a buyer account.

It bothered me, so I sent all the info to CS. Both accounts are still active now and I really don’t understand that, but I just don’t feel comfortable working with someone who openly stated that 2 accounts belonged to him.


Hi misscrystal, a couple of days ago I got a message after responding to a BR. The buyer inbox me and told he was signing from another account and from other account placed order. After delivery, the buyer didn’t respond, order was marked completed automatically. I knew seller shouldn’t have more than one account as it violates fiverr TOS, but for the buyers, it also shouldn’t have, I didn’t know.
Now I know better and won’t happen again.

Thank you