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How do you handle more work than you have time for?

I was wondering how others who have more work coming in than they have time for handle it? I need more free time. When you set a limit on how many orders can come in for a gig how are the new orders blocked? Does the gig stay visible? Does a potential buyer get a message that there is a limit on how many orders can come in and they are out of luck?

I can only answer one of your questions based on experience since I think only TRS can limit their orders. When I get more work than I can handle, I start extending delivery times so that either less people order for a while or if they do, I have more time to get the orders done.

Maybe someone who has access to and uses the new limit feature can respond to the other things. Good luck!

I just extend my delivery time or hit the vacation button for a day or two. Just out of curiosity, how long does your average spell take you to complete?

I work here 7 days a week sometimes 12 hours a day.

I extend the delivery time to get a breather, then put it back up… its hard to do though, especially when regular clients message you and ask for it earlier, as I have a habit of saying yet, but it is SO liberating to say sorry I can’t fit that in, rather than causing myself extra stress to do it. Sometimes, people can’t wait and will go to someone else, but usually, they will wait an extra couple of days. I get burnt out if I don’t get the downtime every now and then.

I don’t mind a lot of large orders but the $5 orders pile up and take up so much time occasionally.

When I started on Fiverr I quickly realized that extra fast orders can be extremely lucrative. People can be willing to pay 2-4 times the price just to get something done within a couple of hours. As I am online for up to 16 hours per day (with the app, not actually working) I get quite a few urgent orders. Also, I try to give regular clients a quicker service if I can.
To allow for these, I try my best to allow 1-2 hours per day for extra fast/regular buyer requests. It also means that I rarely get snowed under with orders. When it gets a bit busier I lose my “extra fast” time but as I mainly get custom requests I can vary the delivery time and free up extra time whenever I need to. Buyers generally don’t mind when I ask if I can add some time on to an order. eg. if someone orders my basic proofreading gig it needs to be completed within 24 hours. If they message me first with a question, I then send a custom offer with a suggested delivery time that suits me. If they need it quicker then I do it but usually they are happy to wait.
Occasionally I use vacation mode but my regular clients know that they can still contact me and place orders.