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How do you handle Non Native English Buyers?

I am curious as to how other sellers handle Fiverr users who cannot communicate in English? I’ve had a great experience with a few people who speak multiple languages in the past but I can’t even understand this person at all. Their first question to me was if I could help them move. The second message they’ve sent me has nothing to do with moving and is asking me if I am creative. I just completely and utterly do not understand what this person is even trying to tell me.

This might sound bad, but if you can’t even understand what a buyer is asking for, you’re probably better off not working with them.

That was my initial thought, it just feels odd ignoring a message. But if we can’t even communicate now, I don’t see how a gig would work out.

If you barely understand them, don’t work with them.Some people do that on purpose and demand many revisions later because you don’t make it like how they “already told you”.

msilkworth said: it just feels odd ignoring a message

I wouldn't ignore them! Just politely explain that you can't offer what they are requesting, and move on :)

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first thing first you need to be little patient and understand what they are saying completely and also respond to them with easy english (beginner level), don’t start using words that you read in Shakespeare sonnet :smiley:

Reply to @alliemadison12: Well I’ve responded to this person a couple times now and what I get back from them never has anything to do with my replies. They just continue to ask questions that are worded in such a way I can barely just tell its supposed to be some sort of question.

Just to update, before I started this thread I have been responding to this person in plain simple english and they have demonstrated that they cannot do the same in turn. I have now messaged them to let them know that I am unable to help them because I cannot understand them. The flag on their profile is showing as the US but English could not possibly be their native tongue from the way they responding to me.

I haven’t come across a buyer who’s had that much difficulty communicating with me yet but I think if I ever did get a message from one I would probably have to politely tell them that I could not understand what they requested. Honestly, it’s better for the both of you if you don’t work together because communication is such an integral part of delivering quality work and it’s going to be impossible for you to do that if neither of you can understand what the other is saying. Don’t feel bad!