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How do you handle overdue invoices and get difficult clients to pay?


I 100% agree. No payment, no work. I request new to me clients pay 100% up front on all jobs less than $500. Anything above that I request 50% up front, and 50% when the 1st draft is submitted.

It’s not worth my time to chase down invoices.


yes, some buyer come to me and said, first do the work and if your work is good for me then I will order and pay you. So just ask payment in advance.


I always ask for full payment upfront (unless it is over $500 in which case I ask for a 50% deposit). With some clients I have a good relationship with and have received quick and hassle free payments, I will give them 7 day terms - but they have to prove themselves first.


Isn’t Fiverr a pay in advanced platform? So how can there be an overdue? Kind of comical, isn’t it a violation of TOS to deliver work before payment?

  • Buyers pay Fiverr in advance to create an order.

Is Fiverr asking to violate their own TOS by using AND.CO (I don’t know how AND.CO works).

  • Users may not offer or accept payments using any method other than placing an order through

#8 is owned by fiverr - this thread is in the section of the forum :slight_smile:


Still it uses a different URL.


You may have missed this announcement in January: Introducing AND CO from Fiverr


I got the notification about it. I think you’re missing the point here.

Is Not


I suspect perhaps you might be missing the point. This isn’t a discussion about fiverr payments, more freelancing payments in general, as has a feature to help you manage your income - hence the post. This isn’t a fiverr discussion but an discussion :slight_smile: is a separate company to fiverr, but owned by fiverr


Yes it is a different post and category. I don’t know may be TOS doesn’t apply to the forum.


The TOS does apply to the forum, but this part of the forum is about, of course the link is allowed (as it is linking to a company owned by fiverr, discussed on a forum owned by fiverr linking to and about the company owned by fiverr!) I am not sure how else to explain it!


As sue said, it is a company owned by fiverr so even though it is a different company, it still gets to be on the forum.


i take 70% payment advance and 30% after delivery @uxreview @jcmcbride


What % of this is non-refundable?


depending on project completion percentage


This won’t work with most clients. You have to tell this upfront.
If the deposit is not refundable then client needs to know this before they commit. It needs to be in the contract.


yes i have a contract which describes all the terms in detail to the client then after signing that contract by client i take the order and upfront payment
but i haven’t faced any issue with this and it works for me because i show all the terms clearly to client then take order


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that’s good things, ok


Do you have a contract template. If you have then please share. Thanks