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How do you handle pushy buyers?

Hi everyone. Most of the buyers I work with are returning customers. We’re working on a few chapters at a time of their novels. I’ve always submitted work early as soon as I’ve finished it, sometimes even a week early. It takes us two weeks to get paid after all, so I like to get the money in my account ASAP.

Recently my workload has been a little overwhelming so I’ve been finishing orders but waiting until a day or two before the deadline before submitting them. Buyers have noticed this and are messaging me 3-4 days before the deadline asking me how it’s going and how many words I have left. I feel this is a little pushy, but I get it - in the past they’ve gotten their work early, so they might be wondering what’s happened this time.

I’m explaining that my workload is crazy and reassuring them that they’ll still get their work on time, but it’s uncomfortable for me. Since they’re returning buyers they often make orders for the next chunk of work as soon as the order is complete so my workload never goes down. Is it unfair of me to suddenly deliver closer to the deadline than before? Anyone else in a similar situation and if so, what did you do?

Easy answer: I push right back.

Now I’ll read the post, in case it is not related to the subject line.

Aaah, this is a flaw in the underpromise and overdeliver battle plan. The enemy (or buyer) notices that pattern and it becomes the norm so they take that as the actual promise. The moment you don’t deliver breakfast with a French Maid with a sprig of mint in her hair, Rome is about to Boin.

There I would not push hard at all. As you have I would note I wasn’t actually late but thanks for checking in as it was indeed different (flattery gets you everywhere). The difference is that my work is putting me in higher demand which is indeed a great thing. Rather than rushing, I am still taking the time their Opus Dei duly deserves and their forbearance is part of what keeps me doing the fabulously fabulous work they come to me for.

Getting busy is what we all want but indeed stressful. Just watch what you take in until your stamina grows. Then either put up the prices or decline all but the nice ones.



In this kind of situation with the returning buyers you should decide the deadline of work according to the workload. Also its really great to see that you are having a lot of work so try to find some beginner in your field and outsource the work, Just a suggestion. :slight_smile:

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I think it depends on the buyer’s tone when they communicate.

It’s human nature for people to seek peace of mind. Therefore, while I do find it a little annoying, I don’t mind receiving a quick polite message from a buyer checking on progress.

However, some buyers are definitely manipulative and use passive aggressive language. In these circumstances I politely remind them that the delivery deadline is still X days away.

A couple of thoughts… some gurus would say you should be proactive and update your buyer part-way through an order with a message like: “A quick update for your peace of mind. I’ve got five thousand words left to write and that will take me another two, maybe three days. I’ll then be in touch with your delivery”.

Also, if you are finding yourself with back to back orders, you might want to consider taking action to lessen the stress on you. Back to back orders can feel nice for a short while (“hey, everyone thinks I’m great”) and then it becomes exhausting (“I’m tired and I haven’t seen my friends for two weeks”).

There is definitely an ebb and flow to orders on Fiverr, so maybe add an extra 24 hours to each delivery to give you some flexibility during the busy times, or raise your prices by 10 or 25 percent for example. You’ll find that good buyers will be willing to pay a little more but the fringe buyers will disappear. If you get this right you end up working less but getting the same or more money.