How do you handle rude buyers?


How do you handle rude and nasty buyers? I have been on Fiverr for 5 years and have only had a handful of “rude” buyers…perhaps 3 that I can think of off the top of my head. In my work, I deal with a certain type of client that is already rather confident which is not bad, but others are downright full of themselves! I find that the more I mature in my field and the more experience I have gained, I am quickly losing patience with the ego maniacs of the world and in this case would gladly initiate their cancellation. When I was younger, just starting out in the workforce, I subscribed to the thought that the customer is always right however, after a decade of working in sales, I learned that some customers just aren’t worth it. Some customers can result in the loss of time and money. What do you guys think? How do you handle rude buyers? Is the customer always right?


No. The minute they become rude, cancel, block and walk away. Life is too short.


customer service is so important! i honestly do not have experience with this.
but, handle it with finesse…


You should be glad! It’s definitely a downer.


I totally agree! :smirk: I usually try to take as much as I can but there is only but so much a person can tolerate.


The nice thing about being self employed is what Mike said. We can ignore them and leave. Fortunately, I’ve had only a couple of rude buyers.


So true. It’s a great platform that provides an opportunity to manage customer service types of issues, however some people are unreasonable.


The worst part is that now you have to really watch those metrics and see if you can afford to cancel them, or suffer the consequences. If anything comes of this, I really hope that fiverr allows for a “Cancel with review” flag, which would allow you to have CS take a look and see that yes this person was cursing at me, I had to cancel. Or they ordered then said, “hey my client cancelled, please cancel the order.”

There has to be some reason and logic applied to the weight placed on cancellations. Surely fiverr doesn’t want us taking abuse and being cursed at only because we can’t afford the cancellation. That is not humane. I’ll bet there will be a remedy at some point, and there will be excusable cancellations that don’t ding you.


I think the only reasons for a cancellation being a seller’s fault are:

1.The seller was afraid of getting a bad review after a buyer complained.

2.The seller let too much time go by before starting on the order so they cancelled it at the last minute, or just let the order go late.

3.The seller realized he couldn’t do the job after all.

And that first reason is subject to certain dishonest buyers using that to try to get free work. So sometimes even that is not the seller’s fault.


I’ve been thinking a lot about this issue of being afraid of a bad review. A lot of service-based work is subjective. For a long time I didn’t mind getting a bad review every once in a while. It usually happened once or twice a year. My lifetime stats are great. But, now a single bad review in a 60-day period can get you demoted, depending on how many orders you get and how often people leave reviews.

I have had the worst experience with buyers this month over the entire four years I’ve been on Fiverr. I have had buyers try and cancel and not give any real reason they disliked my work. I had one buyer ask for several specific revisions. I made them in a few hours and they still want to cancel.

I feel like some buyers know they have us over a barrel. I would rather get paid for the work I did, even if I get a few less-than-five-star ratings. But, a single 1-star rating makes it almost impossible to keep a 4.8 rating over 60 days. There doesn’t seem to be a way to catch these dishonest buyers unless they do it all the time.

I survived being demoted, but with the rush of rude buyers this month I am going to be lucky to not get demoted next month.


Like the OP, when I first started out on here, I was treading on eggshells around the rude clients and nodding to every revision request, no questions asked.

Things have changed since then, however.

I had a rude one recently, who insulted my services and the quality, despite trying various things, but nothing was ever going to please them.

Despite my efforts, I was given a 1.4 star rating. So I gave mine with a full detailed explanation of the clients conduct. Seller etiquette be damned in those instances. If my voice is good enough for the likes of Unilever, BMW and James Newton Howard, it’s good enough for them/him!


I’ve worked on this site for more than 4 years, and today I meet a rude buyer for the first time. Like at first he’s kind of polite and normal, but after placing an order, he starts to ignore my messages, not response to any of my questions nor giving me more details information as he mentioned before :roll_eyes: I saw him online but still acted like he didn’t know anything (wth…)

Soooo after a longgg time waiting for him, I gotta move on with my work without his feedback. And guess what? After just a few hours after I delivery file, he suddenly appears and request modification, also included rude words about my art. He actually says my work is awful! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I cancel the order right away. Guess I’ll be demoted again. I feel like us seller are not protected by this site anymore…:persevere: