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How do you identify an artist by image?


I need to find the artist/seller who produced this image. It’s exactly what I’m after. I’ve searched manually through all the illustration postings but haven’t seen it again. Perhaps some specific keywords to filter down the choices? Any suggestions? Thanks! Illustration%20screen%20shot%20from%20Fiverr|690x304


i would like to help you…but i can see your picture.


That’s tricky in itself because the only way to get proper id is if the artist signed their work. Check the image - as it’s not visible on our end - to see if there’s a signature of some kind to hint to the identity of the artist. Outside of that you may have to search for sellers that specialize in a particular style.

Like cartoon, realistic, concept art, manga/anime, etc. for example. It’s not much but hopefully will help get you started on your new search.


Thank for you for your response. The piece IS signed. I can only make out a couple of letters but perhaps it will be enough.

Alternatively, I can search as you suggest by style. Any thoughts on what this style is? I’m not an artist myself so I don’t know what specific categories this image may fall into.

Thanks for your feedback!


After fiddling with bing and Google I managed to see the pic but style is hard to tell. It looks like a painting but could possibly be a sketch. For the style concept art/illustration would be your best guest to get this type result.

You will just have to be specific about appearance as each artists approach will be different.


Thank you, I’ll give it a try!


I can’t see or open that link. You can download pictures from your computer here using the download button in a post.