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How do you Impress Clients?

How do you Impress Clients? Tell some Tips & Tricks to Impress the client. How you handle the client or how to start and end a conversation with Clients?


Hi! I would suggest checking out this post for some tips on how to be a successful seller on Fiverr: Answer to all the questions that sellers have

Some of the tips are useful ones to follow during communication and make sure that your thoroughly read the TOS to avoid saying something that could get you a warning!


Here are some common ways to impress clients:

  1. Have evidence that your solution works. Meaning, if you promise to get me followers, screenshot your profile and show me how many followers you have for yourself. If your solution works for you, I can assume it will work for me.
  2. Showcase your good work. Show your portfolio or the results that you gained. These can be a screenshot of your dashboard, analytics, some previous work or something similar. Don’t just talk about what you can do, show it.
  3. Social proof - ask for social proof where ever you can. If you have some relevant testimonials on social media, screenshot and show them on your gig.

See, tricks don’t do much if you don’t have what to show for. What impresses clients are really your results, expertise, reputation and the ability to solve their problems. This takes a while to build up. But once you it that in place, buyers WILL be interested in working with you for sure.


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Well, I looked at your luxury logo design Gig.

One way NOT TO IMPRESS Buyers is to offer “unlimited revisions” and 100% customer satisfaction promises.

Here’s why:

As a Buyer, I would look at that and think two things…

  1. The Seller lacks confidence in their ability to deliver top-quality product and is willing to revise it forever until I’m happy.

  2. I can hire you and have you revise something you create for me as long as I like. I can even come back to you in a couple of years to get more revisions (for FREE) because you said “unlimited revisions” in your Gig description.

Oh, and what if I’m just 50% satisfied?

That may have a lot of influence on whether or not I choose to give you a review.

You need to change those things in all your Gigs and profile to avoid getting caught in this trap.


@looseink Thank you very much, you have given me very important points. Now if I edit my gig will I lose my gig rank? or will there be any loss to my gig?

Expect your numbers to drop slightly as any change to a Gig requires approval but in a few days all will be fine.

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Less thought of yourself, or even of pleasing clients for your reasons but of what the project needs.

If the project wins, the client wins. If the client wins - and are a halfway decent/sane person, they will help you to win with them again.

To do this you can’t just be doing average work, the least you can whilst hiding under unlimited re-derisions, you have to aim to do Great Work (like Gandhi, Martin Luther King, etc).

I Mix for what the Song needs. If the client wants to damage their song I warn them instead of just saying yes. They come to me as a 30-year specialist. Putting my head down to “make it easy” is failing the song, is failing my client if I let them ruin their song’s chances of making people happy. I constantly seek to learn why songs work or don’t work. how to improve my ability to let songs be what they need to be.



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Nicely explained. Loved that.

I am new fiverr user , i have 5 gigs but not order till now what should i do to improve my gigs
please advise thanks

@jawedali583 I advise you stop thread bombing

Especially seeing you thread bombed just as we had been discussing how getting & pleasing clients comes once you Stop Making It All About You


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I show my portfolio, they are generally impressed ^^

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Thank you so much sir for the clarification… If you can please looked in to my gigs and please tell me what are the wrongs with them. Because my impressions, clicks are rapidly decreasing since past few weeks (firstly they got 1000+ imps per day now they get less that 100 per day). I am so frustrated :sweat: :pensive:

It’s a pleasure to help!

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