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How do you keep a balance between Fiverr and Life

Fiverr is an amazing platform that allows a freedom in work that is often only dreamed of. A seller could theoretically roam the planet on a globetrotting adventure and continue to deliver high quality products or services while doing so.

However, as many Fiverr sellers understand, orders can arrive en masse at times. While it’s a great thing to be busy and making money, this can also make adventures a little few-and-far-between. From personal experience, I know that long periods of super-heavy work on here, can lead to a feeling of burnout. These periods can be as little as a week and up to a few months, or even years. This makes it all the more important to create a balance between your work on Fiverr and periods of rest, in which you can recharge and enjoy a bit of off-time.

At times, the balance is something that I feel like I’ve figured out, only to realize that it needs refinement.

I would love to hear from all sellers that are interested in sharing their stories about this.

Has there been a time in which you’ve worked so much on Fiverr, that you’ve had that feeling of burnout?

Or have you created a process and workflow for yourself that keeps work here on Fiverr and leisurely down-time in an enjoyable balance?

-Tim Crowe @easymedia

easymedia said: Has there been a time in which you've worked so much on Fiverr, that you've had that feeling of burnout?

One day I began working at 10pm and finished at 3am. That felt hard, but I was happy with all I got done.

Today I have 15 active orders, only one is due today, some are due tomorrow and others the day after tomorrow. I try to do 5 to 10 orders a day, more if I’m feeling greedy. I like the queue to build because more people equals more sales. However, I’m a 3-day guy, so I can’t afford to slack off for long. I’m glad that today I woke up at 3pm, then went to lunch at 5, then worked from 6 to 8, then I saw “Hitman 47” was showing at my locak theater at 8:25 so I hauled ass to see it. Got there right on time. Now it’s midnight and while I would love to watch some “Pablo Escobar. El Patron del Mal” (find it on Netflix), I’m afraid I have to work. At around 2 or 3 a.m. I will stop working, then watch TV for 2 to 3 hours, then read on the Kindle Fire until around 8am. Then I try to sleep, which is hard since the lawnmower man is making a racket at 9am. Maybe it’s my fault for not sleeping regular hours.

What motivates me is that Fiverr allows me to live this lifestyle. It doesn’t allow me to hire a personal trainer (I need more money to do that), but at least I have no boss and I can do what I want, when I want.

Vacation button!

Reply to @graphicpie: Indeed! For me, there’s an ambivalence that comes with the vacation button, though. I know that I’ll enjoy my vacation, but I also know that I won’t be making money. And sometimes, the things that I hope for keep me working.

I guess that’s the reason you should do something you like to do( if its not a part time job as I do) I work as a merchandiser from 7.30am to 5.30pm this means leave home and 6.30am and arrive by 7.00pm. but I still do some work on weekends and nights as i love what i’m doing. plan to be a full time fiverr guy soon.

Interesting @easymedia, love to get more order like you and fastcopywriter. Fiverr has given me the freedom i need why i am working hard to get more orders.

Hello, you can do an own website. Let us see. Then this can,

Reply to @fastcopywriter: Before I joined Fiverr, I actually used to keep a schedule very much like this! I would wake up around the early afternoon, do the work I had for the day, then watch my favorite shows and read my favorite books into the early morning hours. I look back with fond memories :slight_smile:

I’ve seen your work @fastcopywriter. I like it a lot! Some of the business names you come up with are really clever!

Reply to @easymedia: That’s so sweet, I wish every client felt that way, but every other day I have to give refunds.

It’s not that people are cheap, they’re just picky, specially with brand names. Headlines, radio, and everything else is so much easier. Still, I can’t give up brand names, it’s my most popular gig and I need the money.

So if your schedule has changed, is that because you have a full-time job and Fiverr is a side job? Or did you wanted to have normal hours? Sometimes I’m tempted. A week ago I went to sleep at 11am, woke up at 9pm, and most of the restaurants I go to where closed. However, I’m not much of a morning person.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: Some clients are definitely challenging to work with!

Fiverr is actually my full-time job. My schedule didn’t really become fully regular until I moved to focus solely on Fiverr. Before Fiverr became the sole focus, I shot and edited behind-the-scenes featurettes for the company behind Sharknado. Being on movie sets can require you to be there for some strange and long hours, so sleep times could be a bit erratic.

Reply to @kanidaking: I worked as a merchandiser for a short period about 8 years ago. And I often kept the same hours. I would travel from the Central Valley of California to the Bay Area, near San Francisco. Then I would run back and forth from Home Depot stores in the area, stocking and organizing their nurseries with plants and trees.

Reply to @timelyservices: Yes indeed! The freedom is one of things we love best!