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How do you keep the focus on your work?


I get distracted by politics in India, the day to day movement of the stock market, the latest outrage on Twitter and basically get disturbed when anyone anywhere says anything negative about India or PM Modi. And I worry endlessly about the future of India. This is affecting my productivity and taking my focus off work. Well, this has been the case for 3 years, so guess I would write many more articles, would have had a much shorter delivery time and made more money if not for this. So what distracts you and how do you get over it?


I’m distracted too by politics and world affairs right now. It’s not easy.
I took years off from all news of all kinds and now am making up for lost time. I still put plenty of time and effort into my work so that is the priority.


I get distracted too, by mindless internet surfing and sometimes gaming.

How do I get over it? Most of the time, I don’t (lol). But I am trying and what seems to work is using apps that block certain websites for a certain amount of time. I am currently using a Chrome extension called StayFocusd and it does the job pretty well. On top of that, I find that exercise (running, especially) greatly increases my ability to focus.


Yeah, I want to do that too…[The problem with website blockers is that they are not permanent, I block and unblock Twitter 10 times a day…]


You distract me by always talking about Indian politics, nationalism, and your fabulous life of Indian prvilege. I should be working right now but here you are at it again, taunting me with the carrot of procrastination.

You fiend! You knowest what thou do!


Oh, I lose focus ALL the time. Every 10 minutes in fact, hahaha.
If it’s a translation gig, I tell myself “OK, I’m gonna really concentrate and work on one paragraph.
After that I’ll watch one youtube clip to entertain myself and take a short break. Then move onto the next paragraph” …and repeat that cycle.
If I’m lucky or I get “into the groove” should I say, I can go on non-stop and finish the file very quickly.

Strange thing is for my illustration gig, I can go on forever as long as I have some sound in the
background. I usually play random youtube clips. :slight_smile:


You should run The Great India Marathon in the Fall


In other news, Sunderland are out and Newcastle are in. LOL.


Klitschko is out also by #TKO.


Yeah, heard that…


Tell me an interesting fact about PM Modi


I’m busy kid, try Google.


I am afraid it is blocked by the extension. I apologize for interrupting you, o’ dear Sage. It seemed that you were idling, judging from your precise knowledge on recent extravaganza.


Touchy… Someone hasn’t had their morning poor person blood infusion.


In my case, it’s really difficult to be focused because of a hard job that I’m working next to fiverr.
every time I get home really tired, I feel like someone’s pushing me to start working on my orders.
one thing that makes me focused is that I’m always trying to deliver my works as fast as I can(as soon as I come home). who knows how busy my next day will be.

but in the other hand a whole situation gives me a motivation to work on new stuff every time I get free days :smiley:


I can think of 2 possible solutions, either get involved in politics or stop following the news.
Personally i stopped reading news papers years ago and haven’t owned a tv since 2009, still these days its almost impossible to avoid the news and politics completely. Despite all that i mostly just worry about things like family health issues, keeping food on the table and some sort of roof above my head in the winter.


Completely agree with you.


i just think about money that i can earn and it’s the best motivation to work for me