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How do you keep track of your sales?

Since I have been noticing sales not showing up on my revenue page, I need to start keeping my own records of when sales come in and when they are completed. There is a bug now on my revenue page.

Does anyone have a good method of keeping track of sales, or does everyone mostly depend on fiverr being accurate?

Also, how long after someone purchases a gig should it take to show up on your revenue page?

Sales do not show up on the Revenue Page until the sale is delivered and pending, cleared or cancelled. It takes 0 to 3 days after successful delivery for a Sale to show up as Pending. Then another 14 days for it to show as Cleared.

Sales show up on the Manage Sales page and there is a drop down to select which status of Sale you wish to sort by.

Always check your Active Sales to see if you have any InComplete Sales, which do not show on your ToDo (but do show on your Blinky Blinky).

I keep track of every Order in Access. Some folks use Excel. Some use nothing. But as any Seller can attest too, Fiverr has had it’s share of Orders or funds that have gone missing. It can pay off to be a bean counter and keep good records!

I added my revenues cleared and my pending clearance for the month of May and it comes to $128 less than “earned this month” shows under Analytics.

Is this normal? What is the reason for this?

I am completely confused by the way they show our earnings. It was so much simpler on the old site.

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