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How do you know if your gig description is good enough?

How do you know if your gig description will attract buyers?

As a new seller here, one of my major concern is whether my description is attractive enough.

Most times I can’t worry enough out the title because it’s obviously very ‘limiting’ but the gig description is where I ‘sell’ myself to the buyer so how do I know if I’ve sold myself well?

Tell us how confident you are about your gig description and who knows, your next buyer might just be reading this?

Well, use the related keywords in your gig title and be as detailed as possible about your gig offer so buyers can understand. As long as it clearly describes your service it’s attractive to the buyers.

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Thanks. Will it be helpful if I capitalize some key terms or just leave it that way?

I don’t think it would make a difference in search results but yeah you can capitalize the titles to look professional.

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Hi, I thought some of my gigs is good enough because only I had them on fiverr… at lest not many seller can do the same way . And some of my gigs just so so , if they don’t had any sell than I will change them when I had a time. Because there are still a lot of good ideas can be use in the new gigs :blush:

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