How do you leave a negative review if the seller cancels or rejects the order? (Otherwise SKEWED!)


I recently purchased a graphic design gig from fragglesrock. She advertises unlimited revisions for her photoshopping. The first completion she provided was AWFUL (I asked for desserts to be photoshopped - they weren’t, and goofy images were added that looked pretty terrible/unusable). Anyway, I politely requested a revision, and instead of giving ANY response- the gig was just “rejected”. Meanwhile, she has a 100% gig rating (skewed my impression!) and so if she doesn’t deliver and cancels or rejects a gig- NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT THIS who’s ordering future gigs. Buyers should be able to see a true depiction of seller performance, vs. having all the ones that didn’t work out just erased. Can you HELP?

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Thanks! Appreciate the feedback. Just know that for a BUYER, if you’re not privy to cancellations or (or also the fact that if you agree to cancel, you won’t be able to leave a review), this skews your perception. I have bought 100% positively reviewed gigs for that reason-only to find out the gig was horrible-and I’ve agreed to cancel, only to realize after how that seller maintains such a high gig approval rating- because he manipulates you into leaving positive feedback or to cancel the gig. I think full transparency is best for buyers, that’s all. (This is in ref. to another gig- not this one-but it appears it has happened again). There is another gig site I use that allows you to post questions, feedback, etc. on gigs, even if you DIDN’T purchase- just kind of like an open discussion area around the gig and it really is helpful. Thanks! :slight_smile: