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How do you leave a review?

I purchased 2 gigs from same seller. The first gig ($5 gig just to see what the seller could do) was ok and I thought we could work on improving the what I requested and everything will be ok. WRONG. So I purchased a package (the 2nd gig). Then I found out that the seller was not able to deliver anything I requested so I advised him that he did not have to do the work because I see that he was not able to provide me what I wanted. (I provided him with my logo, and samples of stock art, as well as a description of what I was looking for just to give him an idea of what I wanted) I then asked if he could just possibly transfer my logo into different formats for me instead of doing a new logo. He said he could and guess what? He could not do that either. Everything he sent was distorted for some reason. So I asked for a mutual cancellation that is never going to happen. I keep cancelling the order and he keeps denying the cancellation. I did not want to leave a negative review but feel as though I have no choice now. How do I leave a review about this seller. Since the gig was never completed and we keep going back and forth about cancelling the order. I don’t want him to get away with taking people’s money and providing a horrible level or service.
This is my first experience and it is THE WORST EXPERIENCE EVER. I have contacted customer support but you already know that they haven’t done anything. They want you both to work it out but we can’t at this point.

Sorry to hear about your experience. I believe you have 30 days to leave a review. Open the order and scroll all the way down. There you will see the review section.

@Annai80 thanks for you help. I did that but there isn’t a section for review. I wonder if the the review section disappear if you request a cancellation?
There is a section under the cancellation rejection where I can give feedback for a revision but there isn’t a review section and I don’t need a revision.
Do I have to use up all of the revisions before I can leave a review? I am just really frustrated and pissed right now with the level of service from the seller and customer support. I feel like I was duped and have been taken advantage of right now.
I know there are great graphic designers on here that can provide me what I am looking for but this guy is not one of them.

If the order was cancelled you are not able to leave a review anymore.

@Annai80 the seller did not agree to a mutual cancellation. I found the review button. I hated what happened to me and would never want that to happen to anyone else. I hope I am able to help others.