How do you like the new review format?


Suddenly we have a new format for seeing reviews on a seller’s profile page. What do you think? I don’t think the link at the bottom that says “show more” works.


I haven’t seen that yet. That’s interesting! Did you see that on the app version, by any chance?


It looks the same as always to me, right now at least. Show More still works on mine too.



Here’s how we see it and I see my own the same way when I’m signed in. Looks exactly like it did before


@misscrystal: It shows it this way when your network is down or took too long to load the page. Reload it with a faster network and you’ll see it return to normal.


When it shows like that on my computer, it’s usually a browser cache problem - try also clearing your cache :wink:

If that doesn’t do the trick, in my case it happened a few times to be from a DNS issue, and temporarily changing my network’s DNS address to those free Google DNSs immediately solved the problem.