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How do you link your Gig with picture and Order Now button on the Forum

In the My Fiverr Gigs I’ve seen that some people have linked their Gigs with clickable picture links with the button Order Now. How do you do that on the Forum? What is the code what I should use for that?

Do you mean a gig picture like this:

If so, then it’s just done with Photoshop. It’s just a graphic with a graphic button on it. No special code.

No. I mean like this (See in the link below). Here on the forum people are linking their links with a picture and an order button. How do you do that?

In the “My Fiverr Gigs” category on the forum, you put it in the box right underneath the title when making the post.

Just like freelancemm said above after you click on “Start a New Topic” you will see room to type a title and the body of the message. But below it will say “Post in: (Select Category)” change that to “My FIverr Gigs” and a new field will appear right below “Title”: “Your gig URL” in which you can just paste the URL to your gig.

Ah, I see it now. Thank you very much!

I suppose I should have elaborated, haha.