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How do you make buyers leave a feedback?

Are any of your buyers not reviewing your gigs? Do you do anything about it? I usually contact them and ask if they were happy with the gig they purchased, and works about 50% of time. :slight_smile:

Depends on your service.

But, leaving feedback is not required.

I always leave feedback. But, my wife doesn’t. I remember last year someone was sending her messages asking for feedback. She wasn’t happy. LOL. But she left feedback. And it wasn’t good. She actually didn’t like the service and instead of leaving bad feedback, she didn’t leave any. So, when the seller kept bugging her she left the feedback that wasn’t good.

Be careful what you wish for. Sometimes people don’t leave feedback because they weren’t happy, but they don’t want to make waves. So asking for it… well, you may get something you don’t want.

Also, again, depends on the service. I only get about 40% of my clients that leave feedback. And that’s a GOOD number for the service I supply. IF you sell Likes or something, a lot of people don’t want to advertise that they purchased likes. So they won’t leave feedback.

You need to ask them politely for their review but dont push it too much or you can have bad effect on the buyer.Guys check out my new gig & pass some love please

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try to tell prospect to do that in your delivery message.

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At the end of each delivery message, I always VERY politely say:

"Positive feedback is a sellers’ lifeblood on Fiverr. If you are pleased with my work I would sincerely appreciate it if you would please mark this order as complete by clicking the green Thumbs Up and then leave just a few words of positive feedback. You have been a pleasure to work with and I promise to do the same for you. Thank you!"

This approach has worked with all of my buyers except one. The really strange thing about the one buyer I had who chose NOT to leave me feedback was the fact that he told me he “LOVED” my work…that it was “amazing” and he also came right out and told me that he would be glad to leave me “excellent feedback”. And then…he didn’t. LOL. Oh well…what are ya gonna do? I’m just glad he didn’t cancel.

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Just be sure not to sound desperate when asking for feedback, some buyers actually try to use it as a leverage against your gig.

I always request buyers leave feedback in order to speed up the clearing process.

The one thing I absolutely LOATHE is those that tell you that you have a fantastic product after completion but do mark as complete…

Hope you don’t mind if I customize this for my gigs. I have a paragraph that requests my buyers to leave feedback but I feel yours is even more polite :wink:

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Some buyers do and some don’t but they keep coming back and I do not mind at all.

I am quite flattered and I love how you made it your own. I hope my delivery message proves to be helpful for you! :slight_smile:

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Ohh the good old thumbs up or down feature :slight_smile: Nice necro post btw. Getting notifications from a post made 4 years ago!

lol, I missed the thumbs thingy. :slight_smile:

aww, cutest message ever. if I were a buyer to read this, I would find a way to give feedback twice :heart_eyes:

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