How do you make your buyer a brand evangelist of your services on Fiverr?


Question is pretty self-explanatory. Word of mouth is very powerful. Hence the question: how do you achieve it?


You can’t make your buyer do or become anything.

I’ve never met another Fiverr seller in person, or online (outside the forum), so that idea’s out the window, and it’s probably against the ToS anyway. I doubt many Fiverr buyers know one another TBH.

The only thing our buyers can do is to leave realistic feedback on the product/service they’ve received, which the majority of buyers do anyway. :slightly_smiling_face:


You’re right at your place and I appreciate it. Thanks a lot. It’s a view of the same situation and unlike mine.

I have noticed some sellers who (subtly) pass this message to their buyers to keep supporting or recommending their work and let others know about it. Only thing to this is that first they did their best to make the buyer happy. Then they asked for recommendations , which any person in such a case would think of doing in the first moment. As a gesture/courtesy they might share your Fiverr gig/profile on FB. Or tell clients that I got it done from this guy, so you should too and so on. Few hours ago I was looking at the feedbacks of a good logo seller. One of them had it written that the guy is an executive and recommended this seller to boss. They got the job done from him. The team was happy, the boss was happy and this guy no doubt must be getting some sort of benefits in his job.
So my point here is that a person who does the word of mouth is also a possibility. Why not try looking at it from that angle as well. Sure soliciting stuff is one thing and that’s not good, but if a genuine service was exchanged and such promotional possibilities open, it sure can be a great thing.


Mention Facebook anywhere in a delivery message, and the outcome won’t be pretty.

I’m sorry - I don’t understand what you mean by this.


This is the part where you said not to mention Facebook. Or asking for feedback. That’s what I meant by soliciting things. That’s not allowed to done …


Are you just asking if giving the buyer a bonus is a good idea - yes, I’d imagine it is.

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face: