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How do you make your working environment a pleasure to work in?

One of the big advantages of being a freelancer is the ability to work from home or remotely. I thought it might be interesting to share what each of us has done to make working more enjoyable and productive. Here’s mine:

  • I get away from the screen for at least an hour a day during the working day, normally when I take the dogs out for a walk.
  • I take regular “puppy breaks” - I prescribe myself three a day when I spend 10 - 15 minutes just playing with the dogs - really helps to keep the stress levels down!
  • Myself and my wife work on separate floors in the house (we’re both freelancers), which is good for marital harmony!
  • I put music on in the background when I work (normally modern classical or film scores without lyrics) as that helps me focus.
  • I invested in a mechanical keyboard, which has made a huge difference to typing and ensures I am more accurate.
  • I tidy my office and desk and clear my inbox down to zero every morning, which removes a lot of distraction.
  • I clean my office from top to bottom, once a week.
  • I use a website blocker when I am working, so I am not tempted to visit Facebook or reddit!
  • I purchased a large monitor purely to make freelance work easier - I don’t like working on small screens.

Over to you, what do you do to improve your working environment?



A comfy chair and an organized desk. Also embracing good vibes as much as possible everyday, regardless of the challenges that might come up.

Haha, interesting use on the website blocker, Paul! I do enjoy reading posts on Reddit.

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I recently bought a super cheap Windows tablet which I have super hacked to death to run full linux. It gets me 14-hours of battery and lets me work anywhere in summer.

The picnic benches by the sea in the morning, a cafe if I ever decide to blow my budget on a coffee, or just the sofa while watching Westworld like right now :).


The first season was amazing, I haven’t fallen in love with season 2 in quite the same way…

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I have, kind of. The story line could flow a lot better, though. Also, I don’t get what everyone eats. - Do they eat? Do they eat the fake Westworld wildlife? I just don;t understand… Thankfully, I can get my weekly dose of hard sci-fi from the Expanse.

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Those are great suggestions

I tend to just take a laptop once in a while and go in nature or on the beach. Make sure to use a 9-cell battery so it lasts at least 5 hrs in total. Fresh sea air, sun on your skin, the sound of sea slamming into rocks and just spreading the love through my work. Life is beautiful <3

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I listen to loud house music. I also make small breaks on which I watch videos on YouTube while I’m horizontal, lel.

All this is enough I reckon.

I just experienced a rare moment of envy!

I invested in a “very” comfortable, ergonomic chair. Also, my cat sleeps under my desk <3


I never work straight. I always take periodic breaks.

It helps me focus and brainstorm better.
I listen to music.
I have a cool (air conditioned) environment so I don’t get overwhelmed with the heat.
I (shh, secret) have a leg piece that allows me to stretch instead of staying in the sitting position when working.
I clean my desk once a year :wink: - it helps to have a clean work area!