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How do you manage buyers who are slow at giving feedback?

It only took me three months to get to the first level, but I still consider myself a newbie. Any tips to cope with long feedback? How do you deal with agencies?
I have extended one order twice because my client is awaiting feedback from his client. I have not heard anything in six days, on the other hand when the first draft had something wrong I had the clients’ client feedback in less than 48 hours.
Any advice?


It’s a pleasure to read that after three months you still consider yourself a ‘newbie’.

That’s so much more endearing to read than a post from someone who’s been here for five minutes and who writes “no sales but I’ve tried everything” - and they wonder why they’re failing.

It’s interesting that you use the term ‘agencies’. While there are genuine agencies who use Fiverr, in my experience the term ‘reseller’ is a better fit. While it’s unfair of me to say that all agencies are good, and all resellers are bad - in my experience there is a great deal of truth in this very broad statement.

I have found that resellers tend to have little grasp of their client’s brief, often fail to communicate effectively, tend to be pushy with deadlines, and want to pay the absolute minimum. Resellers are simply the middleman wanting to make as much money as quickly as possible with little regard for the end seller (you).

Of course, distinguishing between a good agency and a bad reseller can be very difficult, particularly because the Fiverr model allows people to buy a service without any communication exchange taking place to start with. However, over time you get to spot the telltale signs of ‘best price?’ and ‘need work done now’ and ‘client says work no good’ (when you know your own standards), etc.

Given all that, my one tip would be to avoid working with resellers. They cause you stress because they don’t understand their client’s brief, they often can’t communicate effectively in English, and they always push you on price and timescales.


… or you can point out that the contract is with your buyer, not with theirs … possibly add some kind of box to the buyer requirements section to that effect … ?


My problem is that, in the specific case I have in mind, I only found out there was a third party once I submitted the first draft. Specifically, it is a web agency that has commissioned content for their website. I sent them the last draft on Friday, they have not provided any feedback as yet.

For the future: put a tick box of some kind in the buyer requirements.

Now - you can’t do much …


Like what @coerdelion stated-

To the buyer: “Your client isn’t my problem. You ordered my gig, and I have delivered to your specifications.”

Also be very clear as to what does and does not count a s revisions. Please see (FAQ) point 1: Basics to Improve Your Gig. A helpful breakdown and guide

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