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How do you manage data as a freelancer?

Currently, I delete files 30 days/1 month after a client signs off on a job. I used to delete them after 2 months, but that was getting to be a bit much and taking too much space.

I have some sort of paranoia about deleting files any sooner than that, as often people will come back and want something additional on the original job (and yes they would pay for it), and it makes my life easier to have the original session to work with, instead of piecing things together.

This probably applies mostly to graphic design, video, and audio related things as they are done in programs that clients might not have access to, as word docs and text files are easily shared and re-edited/added to.

Anyways, just wondering what people do. Am I paranoid keeping things for a month? Or do you delete files as soon as a client signs off on it?


I’m a designer. I keep all source files forever.

Hope this helps.


How? I always run short of space even my 2 TBs are full now. It is getting messy and messy all the time.

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I work in video editing, and I’m seriously thinking about starting to charge for long term storage as a gig extra. Video takes a lot of space.

I have created a folder named Fiverr>Client_Name>Order1

Once order completes and buyer came back any time for other job, I go to that folder and create a folder named order 2 because I save folder with the name of my client, so it’s easy to find his previous work.


I also follow same as @shahzadrehman.


I don´t think you´re paranoid, I didn´t have it on Fiverr yet, but ‘in real life’ I’ve seen people coming back after a year or more because they lost their paper copy/file. There are many people who don´t back up, or never check their backups.
How long does Fiverr keep them? :thinking:

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I never delete any of my customers data. I have a small drive bay server. I put all of my things there!
Like this one!

(Image Source: Google Images)

a bit OT, not much, though

You do have off-site backups of all that too, in case of theft, lightning, fire and water? :zipper_mouth: :wink: Kidding, of course you do. :eyes: Looks good, I like tiny flash drives myself which can be hidden and/or carried around easily, but of course that´s much easier for me with mainly text files. I’m grateful for 128GB flash drives for nice enough prices; in my niche, 128GB is a lot. :slight_smile:


I am really a tech enthusiast. I like latest tech gadgets. I am building my own custom workstation + gaming setup! This drive bay is not only for my work, it’s also for backuping my games… and other private data.

Ich liebe dich dein neues Profilbild übrigens! :grinning:


Ich liebe dich dein neues Profilbild übrigens! :eyes: :wink:

I’m too, my favourite place for (window) shopping is the local electronics market. Of course, to stay on topic, I often buy gadgets there for backing up the data I need to manage as a freelancer…

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I’m a designer. I don’t generate large files. Also, if you have repeat buyers it makes the process so much easier.

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As a designer and programmer, I keep everything just like @thecreativeguys do. And I invested a lot in external drives just for that reason. Then I started creating accounts for Google Drive & Dropbox for extra security against data loss.

As a SEO analyst, I mostly work with PDF & DOC files, which don’t occupy that much space, yet I delete them after 6 months to avoid the clutter. I think it’s enough time to give a buyer should they decide to come back. I also think I should be deleting the files after 2 months, since after 1 month the buyer won’t be able to even leave feedback or get a refund (unless, of course, chargebacks), but what the heck, I can wait 4 more months.

As for my family photos, I still use DVDs, they have proven their longevity countless times before, and they beat any external drive or cloud account in that regard.


:thinking: An additional field to tick when ordering, ‘I agree that I have to keep my data safe myself’. :wink:

Seriously, though, if anyone worries about it, maybe add something to the delivery message to that regard, ‘For privacy/data protection reasons, I permanently delete all data of my customers after (2 months), please make sure you save and back-up the files’, or something.

My current laptop has an optical drive, but many nowadays don´t, this reminded me that I wanted to ackup some cds and dvds still laying around sometime, thanks.


A quick question. Is it called ethical or mandatory to store client data? Is it our responsibility or just a good gesture? I never thought about this.

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Interesting! I would say that you aren’t required however if your client(s) does indeed come back to you for an additional project, it’ll be so much easier to start off where you left at and by the way, charge the same fee with less work involved!

So, I’d highlight [quote=“zeeshan_tirmizi, post:15, topic:158615”]
just a good gesture :slight_smile:

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