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How do you manage Fiverr orders with fast delivery but a difficult situation?

How do you handle a situation if you get a satisfying job at midnight and if the buyer needs fast delivery, but you are too tired?


Say no, and that you are too tired to give them the attention they deserve.

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I know that the standard delivery time on Fiverr is 24 hours. If a buyer wants a job faster than 24 hours, you should be notified about it, and you should charge extra for it, which means, you must do the job.

Now, if a buyer contacts you because he wants early delivery, and it is not what you can do, please, tell the person, ‘‘sorry, I can’t meet up with that time.’’ Let them go, there are millions of sellers on Fiverr who can.

So the answer to your question is chose one, your sleep or the money. You can never have the two.

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