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*How do YOU manage, sort and track your buyers and order?*

Hey everyone…

I’m fairly new to the Fiverr scene and I know there are a lot of experienced level 2 and top rated sellers that have been at it for years!

I’d love to get YOUR opinion on what kind of strategies you use to organize the 10’s of orders you may get every day. As well as do you log your buyers into and excel for example to track what they have bought and possibly contact them at a later date?

It would be great for not just me but for other sellers to view some of the comments of experienced sellers and get some tips for themselves to go ahead and make sure they deliver their orders on time, handle modifications and keep every buyer happy and try to maintain that 100% positive feedback!

Thank-you for your time and I wish you all the best of success on Fiverr.

Ryan - Your Online Personal Trainer

It probably depends on what exactly you sell, and how many orders you average daily.

As a maker of hand-made objects which must be mailed, I write ALL the info from an order (nickname, how much was paid, name & address, items ordered & colors) on an index card. I keep the cards nearby when I work on my gigs, for easy reference. When I ship, I add the delivery information, date shipped, etc., staple the mailing receipt on, and put a check on it (“complete”). Then usually every 2 to 3 weeks, I compare my orders to what’s on my Fiverr revenues page and cross off the checkmark (“done and paid”). Once or twice I’ve experienced mailing problems, so I have everything I need to file a post office trace on the card.