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How do you manage to stay active after weeks of no offer (I'll appreciate any advice please)

Though I opened Fiverr late last year, but I started being active in January this year, and in the first two weeks I got close to 200 dollars offers (cumulative); and I was able to complete them all. Ever since the first two weeks, I’ve not gotten any great offer (blame it on my conversion skills or poor budgets of buyers) .

However, I’ve decided not to give up but come stronger and beat this bad-luck, I will really appreciate your advice and also appreciate if you can check my gig out and tell me what is missing.



How you were staying “active” if you didn’t have orders?

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No, I got discouraged and couldn’t stay active after weeks of having no offer… But I don’t want to be inactive any more

Hello, @codedmode,

According to Forum rules if you want advice about your gigs, then your post must be in the “Improve My Gig” category. Therefore, I have moved your post to that category.

This article may also help you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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thank you @vickiespencer

Netflix, Youtube, etc.

pardon? I don’t seem to understand you

Me neither but I like that plan :joy: I wouldn’t mind to stay active only by watching Netflix and YouTube all day long


lol… and always exhaust the buyer request…

I will rather acquire more skills on youtube than watch netflix @mariashtelle1, what are you into